Breaking Bad: Gliding over All

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“Gliding over All” GLIDING o’er all, through all, Through Nature, Time, and Space, As a ship on the waters advancing, The voyage of the soul–not life alone, Death, many deaths I’ll sing. –Walt Whitman This week’s episode of Breaking Bad, aptly titled “Gliding over All,” wraps up the first half of the final season by […]

Breaking Bad: Out of Line

Mike Ehrmantraut

Warning: Contains spoilers. By: Leigh M. Lane There are people in this world who subscribe to the belief that all people have their place, their title, a specific role they were made to fill.  This week’s episode, “Say My Name,” plays on that idea.  It leaves the viewer wondering what Walter’s place in the drug […]

A Bad Future

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By: Leigh M. Lane This week’s episode of Breaking Bad, “Buyout,” seemed to be all about setting up for the final ten.  While it opened with a wrap-up of last week’s episode, the team cleaning up Todd’s mess with yet more barrels of hydrofluoric acid, much of the rest of it seemed written to offer […]

What if Hank Already Knows about Walt?

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Warning: this article contains spoilers. In “Hazard Pay” (episode 503), Assistant Special Agent in Charge Merkert (Michael Shamus Wiles) talks to Hank and Gomey about how he never suspected that Gus Fring was a meth kingpin. Merkert is about to take a forced early retirement, and laments that he can’t believe that Fring was someone […]

Breaking Bad: The Value of One Life

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by Leigh M. Lane Warning: this article contains spoilers. In the most recent episode, aptly titled “Dead Freight,” the opening scene sets the tone for the rest of the episode in more ways than one.  It seems innocuous enough at first: a child exploring the desert stops, but only long enough to take captive a […]

Breaking Down: Skyler’s Plight

skyler white

by: Leigh Lane Last week, I did a rough character analysis of Walter White, comparing him to his fellow characters and offering possible insights to the disturbing reality behind his “breaking bad.”  This week, I’d like to take a look at Skyler’s character—a stark contrast to Walter—and the devastating effects his actions have had on […]

Breaking Bad: Defining the Bad Guy

I am the one who knocks

by Leigh M. Lane   In a recent article, I constructed a brief character analysis of Walter White, examining his transformation from mild-mannered teacher to full-blown criminal.  I thought it might be interesting to take that idea a step further by taking a closer look at what really lies behind Walter’s criminal mind. In the […]

Walt vs. Hank Is Coming!


The thing that interested me about this interview was the fact that yes, Walt and Hank will have their final showdown. Hank is going to be learning, finally, that Heisenberg is in fact, his brother-in-law. As a fan, I kind of have mixed feelings about this, obviously we need to have the show resolve this […]