Bukowski and Women

Charles Bukowski and his wife

Many of times Bukowski was seen as a misogynist, with plenty of lines and even interviews showing his presumed true colors as to what women represented for him. And, taking a look at his biography (particularly his childhood and even his later years, after achieving success as a writer), we see that he had quite […]

The Poets Bukowski Admired

Charles Bukowski

Although at times the reader may have the impression that a poet’s work is without influence because of its unity, everything takes shape/is born from something else. There is no expression or pun or metaphor or any kind of written line that hasn’t drew inspiration from somewhere else. This is also the case of Charles […]


Charles Bukowski

It is said that you cannot be a poet and drink Coca-Cola. Charles Bukowski knew this lesson, so that is why many legends started circulating about his love for alcohol – and, without a doubt, many of them are true. But was it necessarily a vice that would have brought any other man’s downfall? Or […]

Bukowski – Chained but Free

Charles Bukowski

How many admirers does Charles Bukowski have? It has exactly as many as he deserves. Bukowski’s poetry is not for the faint of heart, because even when he is at his most delicate his lines hit you as if they were sledgehammers. They are the truths that most of us don’t want to see, the […]

Don’t Try, a Hotspot for Creation

Charles Bukowski

As influential as Mr. Bukowski is on modern literature, the mechanics behind the man had to start somewhere. 1,200 poems, short stories and volumes of page turning novels, the man still had a modus operandi for handling such creative work. The days that travelled by him, may have created a searing need to tell it […]

Releasing the Pain: The Reality of Barfly

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Barfly the movie released in 1987 by the French film Director Barbet Schroeder. Is Barfly a mere haunting being released from Mr. Bukowski? Perhaps one view that many fans have taken, aligns itself with the creative expression that all writers have. The struggle of the passion to compose a different reality than what one has […]

The Poet in Charles Bukowski


Charles Bukowski was more than a poet, he wrote novels and short stories as well. The writing style and the life that he lived was darker than most of the poets of his time. Living in a society that bordered on paranoia in the early 30s has and grew into extreme prejudice during the opening […]

A Few Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Charles Bukowski

Cool as a cucumber

Charles Bukowski was an American author. Some think he was the greatest American author there ever was. Although some people may think he wasn’t such a good writer and others say he was the best, here are a few life lessons we can all learn from him. Honesty Charles Bukowski has been brutally honest in […]

Little Known Facts About Charles Bukowski

The Great Author, Charles Bukowski.

Charles Bukowski was a poet, novelist, and short story writer and published author. Although he was born in Germany in 1920, he came to America to live and write. He started out writing poetry. He then went on to novels and short stories. He died in San Pedro, California in 1994. He had many fans […]

Bukowski’s “God”: Part 2


For those that missed it, make sure to check out my first article – Bukowski’s “God” Part 1. Do much poking around the web looking for Bukowski and Jeffers and you’re sure to run across references to an article by Ted Olson entitled “Bukowski and Jeffers: Two Poets Listening to Life.” Published in the now-defunct Charles Bukowski […]