Catching Up on the Latest: Bold and Beautiful

The latest on this series focuses on Katie and how she has lost her mind. Katie has decided to leave both her son and Taylor. She tells both Bill and Brooke that getting pregnant is a huge mistake and that leaving is the best option for her right now. Bill and Brooke both stop her from leaving. She goes upstairs to the nursery and locks herself up with her baby.

In Dr. Meade’s office, Taylor gets a phone call from Bill, telling him that Katie intends to leave. Brooke tries to pacify Katie as she cries to her son and says “Mommy loves you.”  When Bill breaks the door open, Katie is nowhere to be found. She has left through the window and cries as she hears Bill calling out to her.  Bill later on asked Brooke and Taylor to help him find Katie.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was battling between inviting Sally over her party or not. Then, flashbacks of Sally and Steph from the past come into life. But in the end, she still refused to give Sally an invitation despite having an invitation in Sally’s name already in her hand. She simply says “She could not do it.” With the invitations all sent out, the preparations for Stephanie’s party went on.

The fans reactions seeing Katie leave? Some of them were relieved and were not shocked at all since Katie was abandoned by her own father. Some felt sorry for the character of Bill who is devastated by Katie’s drastic decision to leave. There were even comments on how poorly Katie was handled at Dr. Meade’s office, making her feel inadequate about becoming a mother.

Another fan says that Bill deserves being distraught because of how he made others feel. Losing control over the situation is something new to Bill, but some viewers feel that he should have a dose of his own medicine. There were those who seemed to have empathized with the young mother and the things that she was going through.  The post-partum depression and the fact that she had a heart condition is really a difficult issue to handle.

The flashbacks between Sally and Stephanie were greatly appreciated by the fans and some of them even stated that they miss the antics of Sally.  With Stephanie’s cancer coming back and Katie losing her mind and acting out of depression, you never know what will happen next. Will Bill lose hope and let Katie go? Would he go back to Steffy? Will Brooke and Taylor help Bill out? How would their search turn out? There are definitely a lot to watch out for as the drama unfolds before our TV screens.  The excitement and anticipation that leaves us wondering is the same effect the show has had on its viewers for the last 25 years.

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  1. GIgI says:

    I am sick of Taylor. Please take her off of Bold & Beautiful. She is sooo Fake.

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