Casting Shadows

The audience didn’t receive Dark Shadows too well when it began airing – it was just another soap-opera, with a so-and-so plot, which differentiated itself from others just by having a gothic feel. Unsurprisingly, for the series to find success, something needed to be done. And thus Barnabas Collins entered the scene, bringing with him a more appealing storyline and a greater audience.

But that doesn’t mean that the show got rid of all its problems. Sure, they passed mostly unobserved, but they were still there. Even more, over the time, several tapes and CDs were released containing these mistakes and bloopers.

Here are some of the best mistakes, containing everybody’s favorite Dark Shadows character.

In the year 1897, Barnabas is challenged by Quentin. The vampire responds by pulling a sword from the wall. The camera follows the characters, but a loud thud is heard – it appears that the ornament which sustained the sword wasn’t attached to well, so when Barnabas pulled the sword the ornament fell. Obviously, the actors tried to maintain straight faces and it can be seen.

Moving forward in the Dark Shadows timeline, in the year 1970, Barnabas is found battling a werewolf. He hits the beast with a silver-headed cane, but the cane bounces back and hits him too. After the shot, Jonathan Frid’s head-wound necessitated several stitches.

In the year 1967, Barnabas plots to kill Dr. Hoffman. In the shot it can be seen how a fly keeps bugging him. Moving out of the camera’s range, Jonathan Frid chased the fly. But when he returned the fly came back too.

In the same year, as Barnabas and Vicki are in the foyer, loud noises can be heard in the background (coughing, bumping, crashing, shouting and even a fire extinguisher going off). This is a case when the recording should have been definitely stopped – but it went on, even if the actors blew away all their lines.

Moving forward in the Dark Shadows timeline, we find Barnabas and Julia in the ‘90’s. In that scene, they are accused of killing Mrs. Johnson, whose dead body is seen being tied to a tree. However, Mrs. Johnson blinks a few times – the character was dead but the actress showed her pretty much alive.


  1. Rick Biernat says:

    Unfortunately, the paragraph regarding 1897 is incorrect. Barnabas did NOT take a sword from the wall and point it at Quentin. Quentin took the sword and pointed it at Barnabas. NO THUD occurred at that time. However, later, in 1970, Quentin took the same sword from the wall and pointed it at a Leviathan (not Barnabas this time), and at this time the crashing thud was heard. I just wanted to set the record straight.

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