Breaking Away from Lonesome Dove

Tommy Lee Jones is known for his blockbusting movies such as The Fugitive, Under Siege, Men in Black and U.S Marshals broke away from Lonesome Dove in 1989. Mr. Jones graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1969. Tommy moved to New York and made his Broadway in “A Patriot for Me” (1969). A year later, he landed his first film role in “Love Story.” In 1973, he moved on to the role of Gus in “Life Study.” Between Broadway, television and films, Mr. Jones kept busy until landing the role Woodrow F. Call in Lonesome Dove.

Lonesome Dove sets the stage

Lonesome Dove sets the stage for his break out in Hollywood. The show had earned 18 nominations at the 1989 Emmy Awards, including seven wins. War and Remembrance took home the Emmy for Outstanding miniseries that year. Later that year, Tommy Lee Jones and Gene Hackman would team up in the movie “The Package.” In 1990, Tommy Lee Jones teams up with Nicholas Cage in the movie “Fire Birds.” The Drama JFK in 1991 engrains the acting ability of Mr. Jones to shine through in Drama and Action genres.

Tommy Lee Jones stars in Under Siege in 1992 along with Steven Seagal, Gary Busey turns up the heat, and the movie earns almost $84 million in gross sales. As a dramatic action star, Mr. Jones broke away from Lonesome Dove without an issue. Lonesome Dove deserves due credit for driving into Mr. Jones a unique balance between drama and action skills. “Natural Born Killers” was another break away and refreshing spirit for Tommy’s career. The slow periods only infused a deeper spirit within Mr. Jones to step up in acting. His career has been helped along with some great actors, but he also has set the stage for some of them to better themselves.

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