Brains! Brains! Who Got The Brains?

I love the Walking Dead. Let’s get that straight right from the start. I think that it’s probably the best thing on TV. And waiting for it to return gnaws at me.

What is it about the show that has me so addicted? Maybe it’s the struggle for survival against unbelievable odds. Or it could be the slow erosion of the character’s humanity. Maybe it’s the drama of watching such a diverse cast of characters interact, grow, battle, evolve and even de-evolve.

Or it could simply be that I love watching zombies as they help themselves to the smorgasbord of human survivors. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Having said that, I do have a few bones to pick with the show. It seem like every time I turn around, somebody (Or sometimes several somebody’s) are doing something so stupid that I think their brain’s been eaten. How many times do our survivors have to be placed on the “Too stupid to live” list?

For example:

1)    Rick’s secret. I get that Rick didn’t want to cause a panic after just making it out of the CDC, but don’t you think he should have told somebody about Jenner’s revelation that they’re all infected? What if Rick had gotten killed somewhere along the way? What if someone died along the way of natural causes? Or an accident?

2)   The Well Walker. So whose bright idea was it to lower Glen down a well for Walker bait to try and pull out that bloated walker? How long had it been bopping up and down in there like a big, rotting Walker T-Bag? Would you want to drink the water from there?

3)   Where’s Carl? I’ll tell you where he’s not. He’s not in the house. He’s never in the house. Does he even know where the house is? How hard is it to keep track of one kid? You have walking corpses out there looking for a meal and Carl would be a good appetizer. Yet they let him wander with Sophia down that stretch of highway graveyard. And how many times did he wander off while on the farm? (Just ask Dale what he thinks of Carl’s ability to stay in the house!)

4)   Come in, the doors open. Hey Jimmy! Here’s an idea. If you’re driving an RV around in the middle of a mass Walker Wave, lock the freaking door. Talk about too stupid to live. And you’ll notice, he didn’t.

5)   Graves. After that episode where we lost T-Dog and Lori, they dug 3 graves. One for T-Dog, who was maybe ½ eaten. (Not sure, they don’t show.) One for Lori, who was completely consumed by that walker that Rick found, and the third for Carol, who was presumed dead because they found that do-rag she started wearing just the episode before. (And not since.) Did they really have to dig 3 full size graves?

6)  Chomping at the bit to get in on the action?  Hershel is the only person there with any real medical knowledge. Who thought it was a good idea to send him on their little Walker Hunt? Especially when Lori was ready to give birth at any minute.

7)   And speaking about Lori, when was she not doing something that made you want her to end up as a hors d’oeuvre? She didn’t want Carl learning to fire a gun? In the middle of Walkerland? And driving off to try to find Rick only to flip the car? And the back and forth with Shane?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. In fact, feel free to add your own. What moments have made you think that someone should end up on the Walker Buffet?

By Vincent Morrone

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  1. el rizzo says:

    WTG VINNY!!!

  2. nightflyer says:

    All very true, Vince. Great list…there’s so many things it’s hard to chose just 7, but you did a great job. I’d also like to add Andrea shooting Daryl, and Andrea swallowing the Mayor’s line of bs instead of sticking with Michonne. Ooh! And… okay, too many things to list, but like you, I do love the show. :)


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