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  • Programming notice: The Days of Our Lives
    TUCSON - The episode of "The Days of Our Lives" that was scheduled to run today will be delayed until Monday because the 2011 French Open Men's Semifinals aired today during its time slot.
  • Today's News: Our Take - Exclusive: Louise Sorel Exits Days of Our Lives
    share: digg facebook twitter After several years away from Days, Sorel returned to the soap in 2009 with much fanfare and has continued to be one of its most acclaimed players. [...] what went haywire? TV Guide Magazine spoke with the star about her surprising exit. TV Guide Magazine: What's the reason for not picking up your contract? The recent change in head writers? TV Guide Magazine: I'm ...
  • Will Planned Gay Arc This Summer on Days of Our Lives be Abandoned
    With the head writer and the gay co-head writer of Days of Our Lives suddenly out of jobs, the rumored gay story line expected to hit Salem this summer might just be derailed, reports
  • Online with the blink of an eye and other marvels in our future
    The theoretical physicist and author of 'Physics of the Future' talks about how nanotechnology will change our lives. Will the future bring us the teleportation devices of "Star Trek" or the sinister machines of "The Matrix"? Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku of the City College of New York says that many of the things that were once the domain of science fiction — cars that navigate rush-hour ...
  • South Africa declares days of mourning for anti-apartheid icon
    South Africa declared national days of mourning Saturday to honor Albertina Sisulu, an icon of the anti-apartheid movement who died this week.
  • Lighting candle with love, in memory of life well-lived
    In a few days, it will be my birthday, but in keeping with my religious tradition, please don't send me any gifts. That's because there is no prescribed celebration of birthdays in the Jewish tradition.
  • Grads take a big step
    The North Platte Telegraph After 2,405 days, or 16, 835 hours, or just over a million minutes, 272 students from North Platte High School are graduating to the next step in their lives. Suzi Deardoff presented these numbers in her speech at graduation on Sunday to fellow students and the community. Deardoff is happy about her success but understands the future holds new challenges for her.
  • Catch up here with the week in review!
    Did you miss anything this week? Click inside to see the biggest stories from our area in the last week.
  • Yucaipa High School Senior Speaker Graduation speech
    We live in a world of quote-inspiring words and small fractions of wisdom, cut down to memorable phrases made by memorable people.
  • Venom in black and white: Knoxville's partisan editors spoke plainly about secession, war
    Either way meant war - union or secession, independence or reconciliation, loyalty or rebellion. "When this is done - as it will be in a few days - all who look at the plain facts must see and know … that this must be the most fearful war that ever raged in the civilized world," declared Parson William Gannaway Brownlow, editor of the Knoxville Whig. "May God have mercy upon us, our families and ...