Bewitched: The Secret of The Twitch

In immemorial times, twitching your nose meant only one thing: God Bless! But all of that changed 50 years ago, when Bewitched was aired on ABC: from then on, for as long as the earth will last, every woman will want to do that. Twitching isn’t a spasm, but it is magic!

And it is easy to see why, even if we don’t appeal to this one motive. Samantha, by all accounts, was a superhero that wanted just one thing: to lead a normal life as a human, in an ordinary human town. For the women back then, she was a symbol of power, but more over a symbol of how power should be used in the interest of the family.

Samantha shows that women can be superior beings to their husbands, even if they stay at home and raise a child and do all the chores. A housewife is a regular superwoman, if we are to consider all of these. Of course, Sam will use her magic when some meddlesome witches and wizards will disturb her peace, but other than that she is the average American woman leaving the dream.

But then again why did the creators of the show need the magic if Samantha was already a symbol of empowerment? Samantha is, as said, the prototype of the perfect woman/wife. However, it takes two in order to make a family. And a relationship in itself (especially a romantic one) was and still is a witchcraft for which no rules were ever written. The chaos needed to be arranged, so enter the twitching nose.

Even more, all the magic symbolizes also how a woman is capable of creating life. Thus, it can be said that Samantha’s magic puts an emphasis on the mysterious connection between woman and nature. And that is because, let’s face it, a man could never do all the things a woman does (and I am not even talking about giving birth).

So, in my opinion, this is the reason why magic was used in Bewitched. Without Samantha twitching her nose, without this element that distinctively separated the normality from out of the ordinary, the show wouldn’t have met such a success (and its success cannot be denied, since it ran for 8 seasons).

By the way, what was the most magical moment from the series? For me it was when suddenly and without any announcement Darrin Stephens changed the way he looked. Now that is what I call a woman’s power!

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