Beavis and Butthead – The Irony of Natural Selection

Back when Beavis and Butthead first aired (in 1993) the world was unprepared for such an outrageous TV series, even if we are not considering the fact that it was an animated one. The point of all the criticism was that it was utter filth, which basically meant that it endangered the future of the young Americans.

In other words, the show was an unnecessary one because it didn’t provide the young Americans with proper role-models.

On the other hand, there were still some voices (such as David Letterman) that saw in it exactly what it was meant to be: a commentary on the lack of morals, principles and ultimately role-models of the youth, and not only. Beavis and Butthead were a joke, granted, but a joke about the entire society (not just the youths and not just the American one).

We are losing our grip as to who we are, the show might say, simply because we don’t know who we are, we don’t know where we come from and (more importantly) we don’t know where we are heading.

There are countless studies that said the human intelligence has increased rapidly, over the course of a couple of decades, in the 20th century. This growth was attributed especially to the advances in the health system, but also because society improved our lifestyles.

But the growth has now stopped, the same studies say. We have reached the peak of our intelligence, or (better yet) the society cannot improve us any more (from this point of view). From here on, we can only stay at the same level, or we can go downwards if we don’t do something ourselves, individually.

As it seems, natural selection isn’t at all interested in our intelligence. We can be as stupid (for the lack of a better word) as we can. Check out Idiocracy, helmed by the same director of Beavis and Butthead.

Since I was talking about the youths, just take a look and see what role-models the current teenagers have. For example, check out and see which movies are now box-office hits and which movies fade away into obscurity, despite the better judgment of the critics.

And now I’ll sit on a comfortable armchair, put on an episode from Beavis and Butthead, and watch them laughing at the TV. But am I laughing with them?

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