Bad, White, and Blue

Just a little while ago, Breaking Bad wrapped the shooting of it’s last episode. Although fans still have the second half of Season 5.5 to look forward to this summer, I felt a pang of sadness at the thought of a world without the viewing high of this darkly humorous, thrilling series.

From the first episode, I felt someone had me, personally, in mind when they created Breaking Bad. I deeply appreciate quirky, intelligently made entertainment that scares, amuses and challenges me. Those moody, bizarre opening sequences, characters like no other, and dynamic plot all add up to one of the best TV series ever.

Each week, knowing BB is guaranteed to serve up enthralling escape, made my heart beat just a little faster. I couldn’t wait to pop the corn, ice the drinks and plop down onto the couch. There, for an hour, I could live in the world of Walter White and friends as they screw up in the most fascinating, hilarious and nail-biting ways possible.

The show works on so many levels, being far more than just sheer entertainment. It reminds us of the unending struggle that is the human condition. But it never preaches or shoves the benefits to an honest living in our faces.  It just reminds us that dreams can go very, very wrong given our relentless egos, nature, and mortality.

So, I find myself mentally preparing for the conclusion of Breaking Bad and a life without Walter, Skyler, Junior, Hank, Marie, Saul and all the fabulously exotic thugs, yet -

It’s not over ‘till it’s over…

Monica Z. Sage is a freelance writer of short fiction, teleplays and was recently published in Word Riot Literary Magazine. Check out


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