Avery, Nick and Phyllis Love Triangle

Everybody knows that ‘The Young and The Restless’ is one of the longest running television soaps in the United States today. And if you are a fan or an avid viewer of this show, you must be familiar with the show’s current hottest love triangle – well, it is actually somewhat of a square if you ask me. That triangle involves the characters of Avery, Phyllis, and ever-gorgeous Nick.

Many viewers and fans are arguing over which couple shows the best pairing. Is it Avery and Nick? Or is it Phyllis, Avery’s sister, and Nick?

Let us jog our memories a little bit. We already know that Nick has experienced a very tiresome roller-coaster ride with his past relationships. Being a person who regularly follows his heart instead of his mind, he was actually the cause of most of his relationship issues.

I believe that it is already time for him to live a life without all the complications brought by his past. If he is truly willing to give up Phyllis because of what she did twenty years ago, he should. In addition, I believe that Nick should just forgive her and then make sure that he will stop seeing her.

He should think about the kids and himself. If he tries to see Phyllis again, I am sure that after a few years, he will have enough kids to form a basketball team. Even though he can handle it, I cannot fathom what kind of future he and Phyllis will be able to provide for their kids.

In addition, history keeps on repeating on Nick. As you would recall, he is a wreck. He is like a bullet train of broken marriages; first with Sharon, and now with Phyllis. And then there’s also Avery.

Even with all his tendencies, I cannot throw all the blame on the poor guy. He has been through a lot of hardship, especially when his kid died. If I were in his shoes, I would go crazy, too.

Anyway, keeping it short, to wrap things up, I do think that Nick and his kids deserve to have a better life. And I believe that this could only happen if he sticks with Avery. I can already see that if he stays with Phyllis and continues their tumultuous relationship, his life will become more miserable. But, that’s just my opinion. What about you? What’s your take on this love triangle issue?





  2. I like Avery, Phyllis is her our worse enemy. Now Summer I dont like. Sharon is a wack job, Victor makes me mad, he needs to leave Billy alone

    • Elma says:

      I agree, Summer is a brat. I am so tired of watching all these angry and selfish teenagers. She should get over it and grow up. I do not like Sharon, never have, she should find something constructive to do with her life and leave other women’s husbands alone. I am just waiting to see Victor get his company back out of the greedy hands of Jack Abbott.

  3. Susan says:

    I feel that Nick should be with Sharon they was good together and he’s always helped her the best…

  4. Susan says:

    pss I’ve been watching this soap since 1970… oh yeah the BEST!!

  5. Becky Brown says:

    I so agree that while Nick has lived by his heart, he hasn’t really done that bad. And I certainly believe that he and Avery could have a little LESS stressful relationship. he gets his own life straight, he will be able to help Summer more, and she just might let him!

  6. Marilyn says:

    Victor needs to back off Billy….and Victoria needs to grow up…..her husband has been persecuted by her father and he needs to mind his business… If she does not know how much Billy loves her….shame on her…….Victor should fight for his company if he wants it not expect his children to do it for him….they have their own lives….I love Avery and Nick together….Phyllis is a liar and cheat the needs to be with Jack…..she is non existent to the characters on the show….

  7. cindy bouchard says:

    i like nick with avery shes nicer then phylis but i think its no morals just the same and i love billy give him a break victor needs to lay off and let them live there own life hes made alot of his own mistakes love the show watched since the early 80s

  8. Unique says:

    What in the heck were the writers thinking putting Avery with Nick. I record Y & R on my DVR so I am fortunate to be able to fast forward through the Nick and Avery scenes. I’m not wasting my time or brain cells on that crap!!!!!

  9. Kathy Trac says:

    Nick and Avery just don’t look right together there is no fire between them like phyllis and Nick they have the magic

  10. I like Nick and Avery together, but it it so wrong on every level….you just don’t sleep with your (ex) wife’s sister no matter what….I do find Summer and Fenn tiresome;
    they are angry, spoiled rich kids that need to go to school or get a job. That coffee shop is always busy, Kevin should be making some money…I think Nick will end up back with Sharon, just a matter of time. Maybe Avery can have an affair with Victor, he and Nicki should be on the outs in a few days….

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