Allan Melvin: Mayberry’s Multiple Personality Disorder Character


Fans of the Andy Griffith show immediately recognize the supporting characters like Otis, Floyd, and Goober, and many know the names of the actors that portrayed them (Hal Smith, Howard McNair, and George Lindsay, respectively), but when asked which character Allan Melvin portrayed, they will often stop and scratch their heads a bit. Some will […]

Into The Mayberry Courthouse


Sing to “Into the Great Wide Open” by Tom Petty Andy waited until Barney was through They picked Helen up, and Thelma Lou They went to Goober’s for a pop and some fuel, The Courthouse was wide open Went to the diner, which they both could afford, Barney was happy, but Andy looked bored He […]

Go Home…Take a Little Nap…Then go Over to Thelma Lou’s to Watch TV!


Whenever my best friend Chris and I have conversations on the telephone, it often leads to discussing all of the stresses and challenges we are facing.  Jobs, kids, ex-wives, finances, and car problems are often part of the wide-range of issues that frequently dominate our chat time.     However, it isn’t long before one of us […]