The John/Todd/Starr Show

feature 5.26.13

Why is it so important to make sure the three stars from One Life To Live have a job on General Hospital? Apparently they came to the show because their show got canceled and a job on General Hospital kept them busy. Their One Life To Live characters fit in well in Port Charles and […]

McBain The New Jason?

So now there’s talk of John McBain becoming the new Jason. The three stars of OLTL will be back as new characters. Please let them be new characters and do not try to make McBain into Jason! The writers of General Hospital ask us to believe much and for the most part we happily do […]

GH: Welcome Home!


There will be a 50 hour marathon the end of March starting with the very first episode ever in 1963! This might be to show the younger viewers of General Hospital who’s who as they honor characters of the past. Be that as it may, for many of General Hospital’s longtime viewers it is a […]

Please No! No Vampires!


There isn’t any reason to have a vampire storyline on General Hospital! It might be thought to bring the vampire lovers on board but I really doubt that would happen and they would leave when the vampires leave. Having grew up with General Hospital I was happy to see the show getting back to basics […]

Too Many People In Port Charles

A Crowd In Port Charles

Laura is back! She’ will make her first appearance on February 11th. It is just so wonderful to see some of the prior GH stars coming back for an encore. While I’m getting used to Tod & Starr, having not watched One Life To Live in a couple decades, it’s still hard to care a […]

Duke? Are You There?


Bringing Duke back to Port Charles is an excellent idea. The Faison story is interesting however the Duke mask is a story by itself. Faison has the intellect and the money to make himself the exact image of Duke. So instead of having plastic surgery the way most monsters would, he has a rubber mask […]