Enter the Werewolf: New Monster, Same Story?


In November, 1968, several story lines were winding down on Dark Shadows. Man-made creature Adam killed his mate, Eve, in episode 626.  After a failed attempt to return her to life in episode 633, he wandered off into the woods for the final time.  (He was last mentioned in episode 637.)  Sorcerer Nicholas Blair was […]

The Continuity of Time Travel


When Dark Shadows first aired in the mid-to-late 1960′s, it’s doubtful the cast and crew envisioned a day when the episodes they produced would be watched and re-watched under the intense scrutiny of its fans.  On one hand, since individual episodes would probably be seen only once, there was no long term need to pay […]

Identifying with David Collins


During the time of the original run of Dark Shadows, I was about the age of one of its characters, David Collins.  From what I remember about other soap operas over the years, there are usually children in the cast.  But I’m not sure there have been children as important to plots and storylines as […]