Bukowski’s “God”: Part 2


For those that missed it, make sure to check out my first article – Bukowski’s “God” Part 1. Do much poking around the web looking for Bukowski and Jeffers and you’re sure to run across references to an article by Ted Olson entitled “Bukowski and Jeffers: Two Poets Listening to Life.” Published in the now-defunct Charles Bukowski […]

Bukowski’s “God”


“Jeffers is my god,” Bukowski often said, and, as far as poetry was concerned, that was true. Robinson Jeffers, king of the long lines and the jaundiced outlook, was once the fair-haired boy of American poetry, the first poet ever to grace the cover of Time magazine and even later, after his career and ultimately […]

Bukowski’s Politics


What were Bukowski’s politics? Late in life,  he insisted he had none, that he was an apolitical and always had been. This was certainly not true. As a young man, around the beginning of WWII, Bukowski had openly expressed pro-German ideas and had fraternized with people his government viewed as seditious. He read Nazi literature and carried […]