The Vampire’s Match: The Possession of Maggie Evans

Maggie Evans 2

In The Dark Shadows Companion, Lara Parker (Angelique) remembers her first day on the show. One of the show’s blossoming new stars, Kathryn Leigh Scott (who played Barnabas Collins’ first obsession Maggie Evans and her historical doppleganger Josette Du Pres) reassured Parker, saying ‘You won’t get to perfect your art on this show, but you […]

Windows of Dark Shadows


Windows play an important role on Dark Shadows. The series’ opening scene, the scene literally first dreamt by producer Dan Curtis, shows new governess Victoria Winters sitting by a train window. When she looks out, we see only her phantom reflection floating in the darkness, and then the moon’s mysterious half-light. Together, the two images […]