How Gunsmoke Pushed the Boundaries of Western Fiction in New, Progressive Ways


When Gunsmoke was released for the very first time as a radio show, the scope of ambition from the producers and the writers have always been apparent. The transition that happened from the radio show to the TV show has made a lot of changes, more notably on how the main character, Marshall Matt Dillon, […]

The Wit of John Wayne: “… I Seldom Lie”


At first glance, the above quote from the Duke, as he is fondly called, appears to be a statement about honesty and credibility. The short remark was actually the last sentence of a longer quotation by the legendary actor describing how a man’s persona and moral fiber is molded by circumstances in life. To provide […]

What Great Things Joss Whedon’s Firefly Accomplished Best


Firefly is one TV series that had successfully transported us from the comforts of our sofas right into the thick of the action in a futuristic universe set against a classic Western-ish background. While it gave us a new world to dream upon, it has also accomplished so many great things that fans and casual […]

Funniest Audio Bloopers from Dark Shadows TV Series


Video editing was very expensive when the episodes for the Dark Shadows TV series were being recorded. As a result, all of the episodes were recorded live-to-tape with no editing whatsoever. Even when the actors made a mistake or there was a prop or audio problem, the actors kept acting and the crew kept on […]

Lonesome Dove Intriguing Factoids!


Below are a few factoids that a true Lonesome Dove aficionado should know. How many of the intriguing tidbits below do you already know? If not, well you read it here first! Ratings Lonesome Dove aired on CBS. The first part was optimistically set to rate 23 shares. When it first aired, Lonesome Dove snatched […]

Madea Crosses Over


There are still rumors that Tyler Perry has decided not to play the role of Madea on this year’s project: A Madea Christmas. In all honesty, it’s something you wouldn’t expect but would understand anyway. It has been many years after all since Tyler took on the responsibility to deliver Madea as he has been […]

Lonesome Dove Tidbits Part 2


Everybody wants to know more about the miniseries Lonesome Dove. This is especially true when it comes to the main characters and/central pieces to the storyline. Below is your regular fix! Captain Woodrow F. Call “Call” Tommy Lee Jones was the bad ass Call. And if you are a Lonesome Dove aficionado, you already know […]

The Future of Firefly TV Series


After news that Firefly creators and cast would come together to talk about the past, present and hopefully a future for the widely-loved TV series (especially the notable addition of various buzz-worthy surprises) spread like wildfire, loyal hordes of fans were all re-energized under a “Let’s have a sequel” banner. And because of that, here […]

Elvis: The Comeback King


The world has seen many musical artist making comebacks after being on hiatus over a period of time. Some singers take sabbaticals to focus on their families (example, Beyonce), some to cope with personal issues (example, Mariah Carey), and some just to shake things up a little and re-invent themselves (in the cases of Britney […]

The Duke-and-King Bond: Fact or Fiction?


Stephen King’s 1974 horror classic Carrie described the attitude of the school’s assistant principal to be like John Wayne from the perspective of the gym teacher. No big deal. The Duke’s distinctive cinema demeanor became a trademark during the era of his epic Westerns. However, when three more novels in the 1990s also had allusions […]