Aunt Bee: The Super Aunt

You have probably seen reruns of The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry.  If you have, your favorite character is most likely Aunt Bee – everyone seems to love her.  She is Beatrice Taylor and Sheriff Andy Taylor’s paternal aunt.

There are a number of reasons why people (myself included) loved Aunt Bee’s character. She embodies the characteristics of most aunts that we have in our lives. She also took care of Andy and his son Opie.  Aside from these obvious reasons, you will also love Aunt Bee’s other personality quirks that make her one of the timeless fictional characters in American television.

Aunt Bee Loves to Cook

Everybody loves an aunt who can cook like Aunt Bee.  She serves up delicious meals to Andy and Opie.  The characters in the show enjoy her feasts of fried chicken, cornbread biscuits, pork chops, and butterscotch pecan pie (Opie’s favorite).  She also shares her home cooked meals to the community.  These are all-American comfort food made more special with Aunt Bee’s special touch.

Aunt Bee Loves to Help Her Community

Aside from cooking scrumptious meals to her nephew and grandnephew, she also shares her cooking skills with her community. In fact, she always gives free meals to the local church and prepares picnic baskets for the inmates and guards of the local jail. She is kind and soft-hearted and she shows this by cooking for the people she cares about.

Aunt Bee is Musically Inclined

Aunt Bee is not only good in the kitchen.  She is also a member of the church choir and plays the piano really well.  This shows how talented and well-rounded she is as an individual. If I were her niece, I would definitely ask her to teach me how to play a few pieces on the piano or even how to belt out beautiful psalms.

Aunt Bee has Colorful Romances

The romantic side of Aunt Bee’s life is also exciting.  She always falls in love with scalawags who often take advantage of her. She fell in love with a freeloader handyman, a dry cleaner who chain smokes, a medicine man that sells Indian elixir, a mountain man, a seller of butter and eggs, a loiterer, a retired Congressman, a pastor, and a lecturer.  Despite this string of characters, Aunt Bee also has a few lovers who are respectable gentlemen.  Her romances and flirtations with these personalities make her character even more interesting.

Aunt Bee is Not Perfect

Nobody wants to have an aunt who is as perfect as a robot. Aunt Bee is far from perfect. She falls in love a number of times and usually to men with shady characters. And, although she is a good cook, she is a terrible pickler.  She does not know how to prepare pickles even if her life depends on it. In fact, Andy calls her pickles “kerosene cucumber.”  Because of these character flaws, people loved her even more.

Aunt Bee Knows How to Win a Boy’s Heart

Initially, Opie did not like Aunt Bee. However, as time went by, Aunt Bee was able to win his heart.  He gently coaxed Opie by her sincere interest in the same things he liked.  She told Opie that she needs him to teach her important things in life such as fishing and playing baseball.

Aunt Bee Changes for the Better

Aunt Bee used to wear dowdy and frumpy clothes. She also used to date men with doubtful intentions. However, as she got older, her tastes in clothes as well as in men changed for the better.  The development of her character definitely gave me something exciting to look forward to as the series ran.

Now how about a reason of your own? Why were you in love with this character? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Faye Dye says:

    Aunt Bee is so down to earth. They truly seem like a real family! Makes you almost want to be right there with them, especially at the table when Aunt Bee cooks one of her wonderful meals. I still watch the reruns every night- I love that show!

  2. Faith Marshall says:

    When I grew up, I had two people who I looked up to and wanted to be:
    Lucy Ricardo and Aunt Bea.
    KNOW I achieved this goal!!!

  3. KrazyKat says:

    Did anyone know that Frances did not like Andy Griffith? He said he didn’t know why she didn’t like him, but she didn’t. Also, she was an actress who was quite prideful. One of the directors told her to do a certain thing; and she snapped at him and stated, “How dare you!”

  4. Scott B says:

    Here a tid bit.. Did you know that they wanted Madge Blake ( Batmans aunt Harriet) FIRST for the role of Aunt Bee? She couldnt take the role due to contract obligations on “Leave it To Beaver”…..She suggested her Neighbor down the street And the rest is history!

  5. Stephen C says:

    Aunt Bee’s courage shown through, as she solo’ed in an airplane. She also learned to drive a car at her age. She stood her ground when causes arose in which she strongly believed, like saving a farm, and holdout on a jury.

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