At Large: Baby Faced Killer Carl Grimes

One thing can be clear from the season finale of The Walking Dead. When Carl “Baby Face” Grimes tells you to drop the gun, he doesn’t mean slowly lean in and place it on the ground in front of you. He means drop it. Any questions? Good.

Spoiler alert. Read no further if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t already seen or heard about the ending of The Walking Dead, Season 3.

Why did Carl shoot Jody in the face? When it happened, my initial reaction was because Carl thought Jody was going to try and pull something. After all, Jody was could have just thrown his weapon down, but instead he was lowering it ever so slightly. I was waiting for Jody to try and tackle Carl. So when Carl pulled the trigger, I simply assumed he didn’t trust the Woodbury resident. If Carl had it in his mind to kill him no matter what, why order him to lay down his weapon to begin with?

Yet ever since that night, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about how Carl might be a mini-Governor in the making. Doesn’t seem to quite fit. This is the same Carl that risked his life for Tyreese and his group. And isn’t he pissed at his dad for nearly giving Michonne over to Governor One-Eye? Carl was scared.

Of course, his little hard-nosed speech to his dad didn’t help, but let’s keep in mind that this kid has been through quite an ordeal.  Let’s review some of the highlights:

1)   It started with the end of the world and thinking that he’d lost his dad.

2)   He’s seen people get devoured in front of him.

3)   He lost Sophia, his only same aged friend.

4)   He got shot and nearly died. Would have if not for Hershel. (By the way, was anyone else not surprised by the fact that since Hershel is technically a veterinarian, that Carl wasn’t forced to wear one of those cone things around his neck?)

5)   He’s screwing around cost Dale his life.

6)   He lost Shane and then found out it was his father who had killed Shane when Shane had lured Rick out to kill his former best friend. (Since he was mad at Lori and not Rick by the beginning of the season, we can only guess that Carl finally figured out why.)

7)   He not only lost his mom while she gave birth to his (1/2?) sister Judith, but had to put a bullet in her to prevent her from turning.

8)   And oh yeah, did I forget to mention all the times Carl himself has nearly been blown up, shot, consumed and or chomped on?

And let’s be honest here. We all knew Jody was going to buy it. The moment I saw him, I knew somehow this kid isn’t making it through that episode alive. He might as well have been wearing a bright red shirt with a Star Fleet insignia on it.

So what say you? Should Rick be concerned about Baby Face Killer Carl? Did Carl just do what he had to do? Or is there room in-between. A kid caught in up in a terrifying moment, after one too many terrifying moments, pulled the trigger instead of taking chances.

And since were asking questions, here’s one nobody else is asking. Was Jody really putting his gun down, or was did he see a kid, a one legged old man and think he could take them?

I guess we’ll never know.

By Vincent Morrone

Author of the upcoming E-Book Vision of Shadows coming from Entranced Publishing.

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  1. kei. says:

    Why not just write out this babyface-hateful brat, instead of all the better actors/characters that are gone since season 1? The older he gets, the creepier;a (spoiled) wannabe Malachi (Children of the Corn) w/the mind of Chuckie and acting ability of Richie of Dick Van Dyke Show. He’s lucky to be working wit h that cast, past /present. You’d think he’d have learned something about acting. I don’t think his role is vital so far

  2. Dave says:

    Carl did the right thing. In that reality, time is your enemy as is taking chances. If you are approached and tell them to put their weapon down. The only thing you should see is how gravity is working in area where the weapon in question is located. Especially if there was a recent major shootout that took place in your vicinity. It wasn’t a meet n greet session. It was do or die. Jody didn’t and he died for it. If I tell you to drop your weapon and it hasn’t hit the ground by the time I stopped saying that sentence, you’re dead. It’s that simple. Age don’t mean anything.

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