Andy Griffith Show: They Just Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore

The Andy Griffith Show is one of the most well-loved television series during the 1960’s. It was funny, family-oriented, and always teaches a lesson at the end of each story. It was so well-loved in fact, that it lasted 249 episodes.

The 1960’s up to the 1970’s was a decade of great television series that were wholesome and funny. Almost every story and theme had a friends or family-based plot, and it sells all the time. Why? Because all people can relate to it. The Andy Griffith Show was the story of the slow-paced life of Sheriff Andy Taylor, who was solely raising his son Opie. The story revolves around his life situation and challenges on his parenting skills when it comes to Opie. It was a plot a lot of people can relate to – single parent, the close relationship between the children and their housekeeper, and work relations with crazy friends. The characters were lovable, especially Opie, who at a very young age, can incredibly deliver funny lines with such perfect timing and humor.

Probably, the most important elements that made the show so special are the development of the characters and their natural chemistry with each other.

This show was one of the first television series shown in black and white and later on to colored TV viewing. However, many fans agree that the first few episodes, when it was still in black and white were the best. The later ones were not as exciting, but many fans followed it still the same.

Another thing that is so great about this comedy was there were was no forced comedy or wisecracks. It was simply, naturally funny. They made every situation and remark funny without trying too hard with the script. The lines were naturally funny without playing too much with words or without forcing funny situations. The characters grew with the audiences and it was an ideal family show to watch. There were lots of lessons that can be picked up from the stories and children are more than welcome to watch it.

The Andy Griffith Show is the type of wholesome and funny television show that producers don’t make anymore. Many of the series today have violent themes and science fiction. It is a good thing that many of the episodes of The Andy Griffith show are preserved and can be viewed in popular video sites for today’s generation to watch and appreciate.


  1. Gloria K. says:

    Aunt Bee wasn’t a “housekeeper”, she was Andy’s Aunt.

  2. TAGS is the best tv series ever made.

  3. Scott Hall says:

    The Andy Griffith Show has always been and will always be the BEST show EVER on tv. I grew up watching the show and have most of the lines memorized but I still watch on my local CBS affiliate every day @ 5:30pm. The “reality” junk that is so popular with today’s generation does nothing for me at all. These shows do nothing but “dumb down” the audience with the same old fake plots from show to show and network to network. We need shows on tv today like the Andy Griffith Show! Too bad Hollywood will never listen.

  4. Nina says:

    The Andy Griffith was one of the best shows around. I love Andy, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee, Floyd, Otis, The Darlings, Gomer, Goober, Ernest T. Bass and Emma Watson/Brandt. Little Leon with his thankless peanut butter sandwiches was even funny. Mr. Shamp with his lopsided rug :-) and no one could dislike The Fun Girls

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