Andrea Deserves What’s Coming to Her

Warning: Contains spoilers

I haven’t read far enough into the graphic novel series to be able to predict what is in store for Andrea, but from what I can surmise, she’s digging her grave—and she deserves every bit of what is coming to her.

Tonight’s show, the mid-season finale, leaves us with more questions than answers, but it has also left us with some hints of what is to come.  The episode begins with Andrea looking at her reflection in the mirror, then shifting her line of sight to a picture of the Governor’s deceased family.  Here, the reflection represents self-reflection, her deep seeded need to process who she has become and all she has endured, but it also offers a glimpse of the second-guessing she makes regarding her choices and her alliances.  There must be a part of her that knows she’s made a mistake in trusting the Governor, and yet she is willing to turn her back on the monster he truly is in order to make right in her own mind all that has led her to where she currently is.

It is interesting to consider the short moment in which the Governor stands with his undead daughter, Penny, singing to her, and the brief illusion that comes regarding a remaining piece of her humanity.  She seems to calm for a moment, only for the writers to reveal that her appeasement comes not from her father’s voice, but from the bowl of human brains that sits beside him.

There is no question that Andrea has chosen the wrong side, deluded by her personal need for affection and acceptance, but the more we look at the dysfunction that lies behind her motivations, the more we realize she’s making her own deadly bed.

When Michonne stabs the Governor in the eye, she exemplifies the blindness that has taken hold of his ability to lead and his grasp on reality.  He has held his undead daughter captive, deluding himself similarly to how Hershel deluded himself into believing there was some way to save his turned loved ones.  The Governor has lost his mind to the plague of poor rationalization that has taken far too many well-intended survivors (Shane is the perfect example).  In striving to do right by the people depending upon him, he has last lost sight of his own humanity.  By standing by him, Andrea only seals her own dark and bloody fate.

The mid-season ends with the Governor pitting brother against brother, calling Daryl a terrorist and accusing Merle of the same crime by proxy.  The scene is dark, the small area lit by firelight, letting us know their society has fallen to its very roots—the people are victims of an unforgiving world and their leader has lost his humanity in his misguided desire to save it.  Andrea’s decision to reserve judgment, despite the zombie heads and his captive daughter, shows that her judgment is just as skewed.

And it will be with great satisfaction to watch her fall.

Leigh M. Lane is a speculative fiction author whose works span from sci-fi to horror. Her most recent full-length works are The Hidden Valley Horror, Finding Poe, World-Mart, and Myths of Gods. For more about her work, go to her website at


  1. jason iaquilino says:

    I think your wrong. I see Andrea as a survivor. In a world so engulfed in tradgety, I don’t thing Andreas wrong at all for striving to find some sense of normalcy which is what both this town as well as the Govenor represent to her and I believe that she wants that normalcy so bad that yes she will hold onto it for as long as humanly possible. At the end of the day though she also has a very human moral compass which I believe has been her saving grace through much of the show and if I had to make any predictions for her it would be that as I said, she will hold onto that dream of the govenor, the town and a peaceful life as long as she can but when all is said and done I believe its going to be Andrea that actually turns around and ends the Govenors reign of terror once and for all.

    • Road Badger says:

      Andrea is a wishy washy idiot, driven by her own desire for power and her need to become the “queen bee” she accused Lori of being. She will follow any one with single-minded determination that will have her.

  2. ok after reading this article i think it is sad to let you know that Andrea never even made it to the town and was never in love with the govenor in the comic. in fact she suffered a horrible scar on her left cheek from a psycho in the prison that murdered 2 little girls. and became their number 1 marksmen shooter. just thoughts from a Parallel dimension.

  3. Titus In Chains says:

    I’m going to offer my own suggestion here: I think there is more than a strong possibility that you are projecting feelings and motivations onto this fictional character that aren’t necessarily there, based on some pre-existing dislike or prejudice against her (or the actress playing her). Frankly, your post is almost a little creepy, although I don’t find fault against you for that as I have found myself quite strongly invested in a tv series or a book and have probably posted equally creepy/obsessed posts many times myself.

  4. Herb Clare says:

    Well, in book she is still alive and she and rick have a thing going.

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