And the Andy Goes to…

I thought it was long overdue to hand out awards centered on the Andy Griffith Show.  But, instead of the Oscar, we’ll be giving out the Andy!  The statue for the Andy represents a lawman that doesn’t have a gun…fitting image for this prestigious honor.

So picture this…The whole town of Mayberry is gathered in the auditorium at Mayberry High School.  Everyone has their Sunday best on.  Aunt Bee has on the shawl that Andy bought her for her birthday when he first thought she wanted canning jars.   Rafe Hollister has a clean shirt on under his overalls.  And Barney…well he’s in the ole salt & pepper of course.

Andy is the host of the awards show and really is uncomfortable with the award being named after him.

The first award of the night is for the category:

  1.  “Best Bad Guy/Bad Girl in a Single Episode Appearance!”   The nominees are…
    1. Big Maude Tyler (Reta Shaw) in “Convicts at Large” season #3 episode #11 – Three escaped female convicts hold Barney and Floyd hostage.
    2. Luke Comstock (Leo Gordon) in “High Noon in Mayberry” season #3 episode #17 – A man Andy put behind bars returns to Mayberry and Barney deputizes Gomer and Otis to help protect Andy.
    3. Gentleman Dan Caldwell (Dan Tobin) in “Andy and the Gentleman Crook” season #1 episode #21 – A dapper criminal tries to fool Barney, Opie, and Aunt Bee.
    4. Little Old Lady (Lurene Tuttle) in “The Shoplifters” season #4 episode #21 – Barney goes undercover to capture a little old lady stealing Ben Weaver blind.

And the Andy goes to…Big Maude Tyler!  The scene where Barney dances with Big Maude after he utters the classic line, “you’re starting to get to me,” is as good as it gets.

Our next category is:

  1. “Best Performance in a “Just Passing Through” Episode!”   The nominees are…
    1. David Browne (Buddy Ebsen) in “Opie’s Hobo Friend” season #2 episode #6 – Opie befriends an easy-going hobo.
    2. Malcolm Tucker (Robert Emhardt) in “Man in a Hurry” season #3 episode 16 – A stranded motorist becomes frustrated with Mayberry’s simple, relaxed ways.
    3. Colonel Harvey (John Dehner) in “Aunt Bee’s Medicine Man” season #3 episode #24 – A traveling medicine man comes to Mayberry and captivates Aunt Bee.
    4. Malcolm Merriweather (Bernard Fox) in “Andy’s English Valet” season #3 episode #26 – An Englishman works off a fine by acting as Andy’s valet.

And the Andy goes to…Malcolm Merriweather!  This was a very close race as Malcolm Tucker in the classic episode “Man in a Hurry” finished a close second.  But, in the end the British butler brought a bit of culture to Mayberry that had us all laughing…and his performance was good enough to earn him a second episode the next season.

Our next Category is:

  1. “Best Andy Love Interest not Named Helen Crump.”    The nominees are…
    1. Charlene Darling (Maggie Mancuso) in “The Darlings are Coming” season #3 episode #25 – A backwoods young woman develops a crush on Andy – much to her father’s dismay.
    2. Karen Moore (Gail Davis) in “The Perfect Female” season #2 episode #8 – Andy dates Thelma Lou’s skeet shooting cousin Karen.
    3. Ellen Brown (Barbara Eden) in “The manicurist” season #2 episode #16 – An attractive manicurist sets herself up in business at Floyd’s Barber Shop.
    4. Ellie Walker (Elinor Donahue) in “Ellie Comes to Town” season #1 episode #4 – The new pharmacist refuses to dispense pills to Emma Brand.

And the Andy goes to…Ellie Walker!  Another tough category.  It’s hard to not to give it to a “looker” like Barbara Eden, but Ellie had smarts and beauty.  Not sure why Andy let Eliie get away?

And our final category is:

  1. “Best Musical Guest Appearance!”   And the nominees are

    1. Big Jim Lindsay (James Best) in “The Guitar Player” season #1 episode #3 – Local country boy guitar player auditions for a well-known bandleader.
    2. Rafe Hollister (Jack Prince II) in “Rafe Hollister Sings” season #3 episode #20 – Rafe Hollister represents Mayberry at a formal musical event.
    3. Jerry (Jerry Van Dyke) in “Banjo-Playing Deputy” season #5 episode #32 – Andy hires an unemployed musician to be his deputy.
    4. Briscoe Darling and The Boys (Denver Pyle) in “Briscoe declares for Aunt Bee” season 4 episode #5 – Briscoe Darling woos Aunt Bee and carries her off to his mountain cabin.

And the Andy goes to…Rafe Hollister!  In a mild upset, Rafe beats out the Darlings in this category.  When the country oaf Rafe surprisingly exposes his classically trained voice, it made for great TV.

Those are the very first Andy Awards.  Do you agree with them?  Do you have other categories and winners?  Share your thoughts here!

Now let’s all go over to the diner for the after party!


  1. Linda says:

    This is a fun idea you had. I agree with all of your picks according to the nominations but my fave girlfriend for Andy was Miss Peggy (Joanna Moore). And for the record. It wasn’t a shawl for Aunt Bee but rather a bed jacket. She wouldn’t have worn it I don’t suppose.

    • Michael says:

      Peggy was the one he shouldn’t have let get away. And by the way Barbara Eden was not really a love interest. Absolutely beautiful in that episode, but she just thought Andy was proposing when she told him she was going back to Pierre. He wasn’t really doing it.

  2. Becky says:

    I agree with all the winners! They are close, of course, but only because they are all so GOOOOOOOOOOODDD!!! I ‘preciate it!

  3. Jerry says:

    I love the bad boy/bad girl category … but I have to think that Myrtle “Hubcaps” Lesh [played by Ellen Corby] should have been nominated. I do love Big Maude and agree with her selection, but Myrt Lesh was an amazingly evil character … She probably got that way from having to deal with her dead husband, ‘Bernard.’

    • Karen Trull says:

      I totally agree with Jerry. Not only should have Ellen Corby’s role have been nominated, it should have won. She was great!

  4. Jerry says:

    Here is a new category: “Best Lesson Learned in a Single Episode.” And the nominees are …

    1. “Opie the Birdman.” Opie learns an important lesson about life and responsibility when Andy makes him care for a nest of baby birds after the youngster kills the mother bird with his slingshot.

    2. “The Beauty Contest.” Andy selects an unlikely winner in Mayberry’s annual beauty contest. Despite pressures to choose one of the younger girls, Andy teaches the community what constitutes true beauty.

    3. “The Pickle Story.” This time, Andy and Barney learn that deception can have a great negative effect on others around them (as well as their stomachs!). They realize that what may be trivial to them might be of great importance to someone else.

    4. “Mr. McBeevee.” Andy is sure that Opie is making up a story about an invisible friend who walks in the trees, but he learns that one needs to show trust in your loved ones, even when it might not make a great deal of sense.

    This is an extremely tough category, and the voting was extremely close. But the winner is … “The Beauty Contest.” While others will look on the outward appearance, it really is “what is on the inside” that makes a person truly beautiful.

  5. Special K says:

    BTW it wasn’t a shawl Aunt Bea wanted for her birthday instead of canning jars, it was a bed jacket and she would not wear that out in public.

  6. Charlie Warner says:

    Hey a couple of the best weren’t even nominated! The Lady who unloaded the car on Barney was the best bad girl and the nurse who Andy tried to teach guitar with Barney always interupting was the best romantic interest!

  7. jeff says:

    In a just passing through episode I would have to give the award to Bill Bixby, who played the spoiled teen aged kid who thinks he can speed through life and have his father fix all of his mistakes. However, like Opie, we all learn that if you bust a window you have to stand on your own two feet and take responsibility for your actions.

    P/S I’m glad I am not the only one here that cringed when the OP called the bed jacket a shawl.

  8. Leone Maxwell says:

    Andy bought Aunt Bee the canning jars and then found out she wanted a bed jacket. The mayor bought the bed jacket for his wife and Andy had to convince him to let him buy it off of him. In turn Andy had to give him his special fishing pole.

    • Ami Amanda Carpenter says:

      Yes, Andy sure wanted to bring Aunt Bee happiness. It was very touching, the lengths he went to to do that. :)

  9. Debbie says:

    I agree with Linda, it was Peggy hands down as Andy’s best love interest. I too, enjoyed this idea of yours.

  10. Ami Amanda Carpenter says:

    I thought Helen was very sweet. She also stood up for the various causes in which she believed. When she misunderstood Andy’s intentions (which, by the way, she had a habit of doing), she would not give in to Andy so easily. Very stubborn, that Helen Crump :) . Also, very sweet.

  11. You could have “the greatest act of kindness award” Opie and the coat for his girlfriend or Ben Weaver at Christmas are just 2 that come to my mind quickly.

  12. Terri says:

    you did not mention earnest t bash… a new category should have been set up for him all by himself…Barney says “He’s a nut”, lol,

  13. Karen Trull says:

    P.S. Let us not forget Arnold, the spoiled brat, who taught Opie how to ‘pitch a tantrum’ to get what he wanted. In the end, Arnold got something he hadn’t expected — a visit to the woodshed. Good lesson taught here.

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