An Ode to General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary


Happy Anniversary GH
It’s your 50th year
You’re the 3rd longest running soap opera
Fans raise a glass and cheer

When General Hospital first aired
It was 1963
On April 1st, upstate New York
On black and white TV

There were doctors, there were nurses
And then their patients too
They all had personal dramas
For soaps that’s nothing new

In 1977
The town’s name was disclosed
Called Port Charles, and the Hospital
Was on 120 Shoreline Road

Where couples worked out problems
In their relationships and marriage
Love in the afternoon
Heartbreak, divorce, miscarriage

But then when Luke met Laura
In 1978
The super couple blossomed
After starting with a rape

The Network’s ratings peaked
In 1981
When Luke and Laura married
Viewed by thirty million-strong

The eighties were adventurous
With more villains and super spies
Less time spent in the hospital
While Ice Princess brought sci-fi

But then the social issues
Of the nineties sparked a fuse
With AIDS, breast cancer, death
Drug and alcohol abuse

Reality became the plot
Along with the Nurses Ball
The 1994 fundraiser
For AIDS just said it all

An annual show within a show
Until the year 2001
When the Nurses Ball lost funding
And GH stopped all that fun

The 21st century saw a new twist
In the plot on General Hospital
After Sonny Corinthos the mobster appeared
The show was dubbed “General Mobspital”

But then the soap opera genre
Lost the Network’s appeal
Cancellations were in order
Sad for fans but real

GH was on the list
Almost cancelled in 2011
What saved it was a ratings bomb
A show called The Revolution

Characters from a cancelled soap
Called One Life To Live
Left Lansview for Port Charles
With another chance to give

ABC the ratings
The Network sorely needs
To keep the soap for fans
Who watch every day indeed

And while the fate of GH
Is still Hanging Over the Cliff
There’s still a Stone Cold Wonder
For Jason Morgan who’s so missed

So The Plot Will Revamp-ire with Déjà-Vu
Or most hope that story is done
So many past favorite characters
Have returned after so long

But The Thirst for Young Blood
Is still craved by some younger fans
As To Relish the Pickle-Lila Secret
Is what the Quartermains demand

While fans await the return
Of the gregarious Nurses Ball
That event is being designed
To celebrate for all

The fans of General Hospital
Who over the course of 50 years
Watched with anticipation
Laughing and shedding tears

We wish a Happy Anniversary
To our favorite soap, GH
For 50 years of memories
Raise a glass and celebrate!


  1. I have been watching General Hospital since the very beginning and look forward to watching the Nurses’ Ball. Please don’t ever take this wonderful story away from us. Love GH.

    An Avid Fan

  2. Kandi Roth says:

    I actually didn’t get involved till Luke and Laura’s wedding. I have watched since then Yes I did miss some episodes as I sorely found out watching the 50 hour Marathon. Now I can watch it more closely and don’t want to miss it again. I use the time as my lunch hour. Please don’t let GH go as the rest are gone. All my Children and One life to live was ones that I watched too. HAPPY 50 YEARS GENERAL HOSPITAL! I love each and everyone of you.

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