An Expiration Date

The most recent events in the Walking Dead series have led quite the number of viewers to come and reignite one old theory. This theory said that the events depicted in the series aren’t actually happening and that, in fact, Rick is still lying in a coma in the hospital and everything that we have seen in the show is actually a dream he is having.

And there are quite a few hints that this could be true, since every nightmare keeps getting worse and worse as it is developing. From time to time we may have the impression that a safe haven was found, only to see the characters are actually in an even bigger predicament than before.

I am not talking just about the Terminus arc, but also about every time the characters believed that they were out from the harm’s way.

This theory led writer/producer Robert Kirkman to come out and explicitly say that it isn’t all just a dream and that Rick and the team are actually experiencing everything that we see.

It is natural, if I can say so, that in a world overrun by zombies nobody would be safe. Even more, there is no tomorrow but just the current day and its current events. Again, it is natural that in a world where the human kind is facing extinction some elements would be corrupted and act against their own nature.

This wasn’t the first nor the last show (or film, for that matter) where this happens.

An example can be foreseen in the Walking Dead series too. Tyreese has been struggling with the killing of the walkers and of the humans alike since he first appeared in the show. It can be said that he is a rather weak character (given the circumstances).

And we see him in No Sanctuary as he spares the life of a Terminus citizen, an act which eventually proves to backfire. He isn’t dead yet, but the odds aren’t looking too well.

The Walking Dead world is an unforgiving one and only the strongest will survive. Terminus is an example of strength, even if the humanity of the humans living in there was lost.

In a way or another, in a world where the zombies walk the earth, everybody has an expiration date. So a theory which says that everything is a dream because the world is getting worse doesn’t have a solid foundation.


  1. Angela Blue says:

    Love the show and never read the comic books. I don’t think it is a dream, but would be crazy if it were. I think it keeps the show interesting that their adventures continue to escalate. What I also find interesting is that they are the only sane ones left on earth. Lol. every other group of people seem to be completely delusional and insane. Also find it interesting that anyone who starts to have a little hope or speak positively about the future is surely the next to get killed. I knew it was Bob’s time, and all the others who talked of preserving their humanity.

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