ALF Appearances in Other Shows

Besides his own series and the cartoons, ALF did make other appearances on other shows, the most recent one being in 2011, on Good Morning America. And, as always he was as funny as it gets: back in the heyday I used to have a woman come in and vacuum me twice a week (after the presenter said that he used to be famous).

But the first show in which he guest-starred is Hollywood Squares, in which ALF appeared on numerous occasions: What do you get if you cross a donkey and a game show host? A smarter game show host!

Also in the 80’s, the funny extraterrestrial made a surprise appearance at the end of Matlock’s The Network episode. About 30 seconds of screen time with him were more than enough for a good joke to be made (Matlock, season 2, episode 8).

A year after his own show was canceled, ALF popped-up in Blossom, in a dream sequence. The episode was called The Geek, and it was the 8th one from the 1st season. Another cameo appearance is made in Love Boat: The Next Wave, in the 16th episode of season 2. In here, ALF is just a doll, but a talking one!

In the new millennium, he appeared in Talk Soup as the host, in 2000. He was supposed to make funny comments on the clips that were shown on the screen.

Another funny appearance was made the same year in the Cindy Margolis Show, where ALF says about the host, Cindy and I have a history together: we’re both former swimsuit models; it’s always nice to work with someone who has more hair than I do.

Then followed 2002 with the NBC 75th Anniversary Special (where ALF is pitied for not catching the cat), and the TV Land Awards in 2003.

But, in my opinion, his best appearance is the one from 2007, when he was a guest at The O’Reilly Factor, as the Icon of the Week. The interview was a particularly humorous one, during which ALF explained what he has been doing since the show was canceled.

Among others, he said he has finished his first book (The Catcher in the Rye), that he has been waiting for the right opportunity to come along (and The O’Reilly Factor wasn’t it), as well as ranting about people being interested in the celebrities that go to the rehab (ALF being one of those celebrities).

Who knows what will happen next for our friendly alien life form. Maybe he will get a job at Fox as an anchor… After all, he did say he loved annoying people.

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