AJ’s Return: New Plot Twists And Expectations

Bringing back the character of AJ (Alan Quartermaine, Jr.) into General Hospital has caused a lot of debate, especially on whether this will be good for the show or not.

Early in the show, it was established that AJ was born in the midst of a ruthless snowstorm. During this time, his mother Monica, who remains on bed rest, was stranded during labor together with her co-worker and foster mother. Thus began the confusing story about AJ’s paternity.

Nearly twenty years ago, AJ’s role was that of a bad boy in the Quartermaine clan. He was a troublemaker, a black sheep boozer, an unapologetic alcoholic, a hapless rich kid and a tortured character who ended up being killed by a psychotic psychiatrist in 2005.

AJ’s return to the show in October 2012 was met with a lot of controversy especially on the specific role that he will be playing. He resurfaced alive and appeared at the estate of the Quartermaine clan to console his mother Monica following the death of Jason. It turns out that AJ was actually revived by Monica who decided to smuggle his son out of the hospital to make everyone believe that he was already dead.

I think that the decision to bring back AJ to General Hospital has a major impact on Michael Corinthos, his son who does not only think that his father is already dead but also believes that he is not a good person. Aside from being kidnapped in 2005, he had also witnessed how his father was smothered and killed by a doctor in the hospital. It was recently revealed, however, that AJ was actually alive because of Monica, who faked his death and utilized all the resources of the hospital in order to bring him out of the country with the aim of protecting him from the law.

Bringing back AJ’s role will cause conflicts, particularly on the lives of the major characters including Monica, Michael, Carly and Sonny. His resurfacing will also pose challenges on his dynamic relationship with Carly, the mother of Michael, and Sonny, the man whom he thinks is his father. Michael will be confronted with a lot of questions that he will try to seek answers to as the story progresses.

The conflicts that will arise from AJ’s return will surely provide the story with more interesting twists. What will be Michael’s response to the things that the people he trusted the most did in the past after he learns about them? Is there a chance for Michael’s perception about his father to change? During his return, AJ may want to acquaint himself with the son he never raised, but will his son allow this? Would Michael be interested to associate himself with his father?

The plot of the story will become even more complex, but in a good way. AJ’s return will pose more challenges to the lives of the major characters so viewers will have more reasons to be hooked to the show.

What do you think about AJ’s return? Good idea or not so much?



  1. casunshine56 says:

    I think it was a great idea to bring this AJ back. Funny thing is all the characters are different people except for Sonny. If Todd, Sonny, Jason are always free then the writers will have a challenge for this this one….. AJ was bad boy before. I think Carly did worse things over the years. It was so nice to see Skye and Ned also. Ned and AJ went right into the roles no problems…

  2. Judy Diffin says:

    I have mised feelings about AJ coming back. I know no one is really dead on a soap opera. I am thinking that the man that is playing is the original one. i never cared for the other one that played AJ. this mand looks a lot like Jason.

  3. Wendelyn Sullivan says:

    I love it that Aj is back. I love that he is trying to reconnect with Michael. I love it that Sonny feels threatened by Aj’s presence is Michael’s life. I love that Michael wants to give Aj a chance, and doesn’t see him as all bad. I just don’t want Aj to be the bad person all the time. I want Michael to be able to love and respect him as his Father. I just wish that Jason is still around, so maybe they could have repaired their relationship as well…

  4. ann summers says:

    I am so tired of the general hospital story line. If they are dead leave them dead. I do not like aj or anna or todd but them back where they came from

  5. Dee says:

    You stated above “Monica who decided to smuggle his son out of the hospital to make everyone believe that he was already dead.” Are you trying to say that Monica is really a man… lol… I laughed at this one. Sorry! I don’t like the fact that AJ was brought back after Jason left.. I WANT JASON BACK! I so miss his character and he needs to be back with Sam to bond with his son. uggghhh!

  6. A J back is great! Long live the Quartermains. The Thanksgiving show this year was one of the best I have seen. It had that old feeling that keeps this show number 1. Great timing now that Edward has passed on, AJ can run ELQ and be powerful enough to put Sonny and Carly in their places. AJ was born to money and I can’t wait to see him wield that power. Bring back a different Jason and now we are cooking!!!

  7. BAMMA says:

    I say welcome back and give Carly a run for the money.

  8. Mary A says:

    When is Morgan coming back in the picture….and how about the father of Molly….and Nicholas and Spencer….?

  9. frances desrochers says:

    well, i have been watching the show since early 70′s and right now it is totally boring and i really cant get into it w/ aj coming back from the (so called) dead. he is still a mean person, nothing is true w/ him. i am also watching two other soaps, no mention, but if this stupid story doesnt perk up, i drop u and continue w/ the other two soap which keeps me coming back to them anxiously waiting for what is happening the next day. GH doesnt do it. i will drop u like a hot pot! sincerly, u got my name!

  10. carol says:

    Don’t like AJ !! Never did !! Stupid hashing over all old stuff with him and other people ! Since Jason left I don’t watch it as much and if you think AJ, will make me want to watch it, sorry but will turn him off !!! Liked what you did for Thanksgiving, good seeing Lila, and Robin (when she was young), and the others ( not AJ ). You have enough twist’s, now with the other people you brought in. Please play down on AJ !!

  11. Mary says:

    Will Jason ever make any guest appearances on GH?

  12. Bettie says:

    AJ’s reappearance on GH is not a good thing. He was a bad character from the beginning, and to think that (although he shot his father in the back), his mom was still willing to fake his death, so he wouldn’t go to prison for such a heinous act, is beyond my comprehension. We don’t need AJ messing with Michael’s loyalties, since Michael is fighting to findout what he wants in life, and is still contemplating following in Sonny’s footsteps…which Sonny wants to prevent if at all possible. AJ has nothing to offer the GH storyline…he should have been left dead. Meanwhile, as impossible it may appear to be, Jason’s character needs to be reassigned to another actor. Jason is paramount in more than one storyline, and should be readded to the canvas. Someone such as Cameron Matheson (Ryan Lavery of All My Children) would be a good possibility…if he is available. So, come on GH “powers-to-be”, get your thinking-caps on, and find another Jason for us. He is sorely needed.

  13. Pat says:

    So now three dead people have arisen lately. Duke, AJ and Faison. Robin will be next. This is the stupidest idea the writers have come up with in years. Once they’re dead, leave them that way.

  14. Kristen says:

    I like that he is back because it is bringing the Quartermaines back into action. Not too long ago we thought they were being phased out and were a thing of the past. With them working on the nurses ball it seems like we are getting some classic GH back which is a good thing. I don’t mind the Mob stuff but it can be an overkill at times (haha pardon the pun) and it is nice to see that the show is being better balanced now.
    Part of me can’t help but be a little disappointed that he wasn’t a recast for Jason though. That is as close as they would have gotten! But I have high hopes that SB will be back eventually. Look at Robin! The actress said she was ALL DONE on the show and she was back fairly quick, not full time obviously but it won’t be long.

  15. Marsha says:

    Wish you had brought him back as Jason, as he looks alot alike and the stroy line of Jason and Sam could finally be happy!!!! REALLY NEED A JASON BACK!!! Let Jason(whoever u pick) come back to run ELQ and get rid of AJ! No one likes him!!! He is disrupting everyone’s family and we have enough of that!! Also, Please bring Robin back to Patrick, before he falls for Ms Doc!!!

  16. Dolores says:

    I enjoy watching General Hospital . I miss All My Children and One Life to live very much. My thoughts on how the writers are doing well I am sorry they took Jason off the show, but I am glad they left an option for him to come back. A.J. deserves a second chance so let’s give it to him. I do think they should have brought Luke back to console Tracy when her father died. I wish they would take Fazon and Duke off no purpose for them to be on the show. Bring Vicki from One Life to Live on the show to connect with Kate. Bring Natalie back for John and Let A.J. and Sam get closer. If I were the writer on this show I would do that and more.

  17. jennifer says:

    love it, i think AJ and Elizabeth should get together

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