Aging Is Amazing

If a concept like the one of Golden Girls (a sitcom about older women) would be pitched nowadays to any major studio, there are little to no chances of being seen through. And that is because, basically, Golden Girls was also about coming close to an end. Basically, it was also about dying. And now more than ever people are afraid of that.

As George Carlin once said, there is too much political correctness nowadays and it all begins with the soft language. It is only natural to fear death, but by sugar-coating it won’t make it go away. Golden Girls didn’t do that. In fact, they celebrated aging.

The women weren’t getting older, they were already old and so they had all the reasons to live their life to the fullest. And, as the show progressed, the viewers had the chance to see that life doesn’t stop after one reaches a certain age. Life doesn’t even stop when those dear to you die because of old age.

And there are quite a few deaths implied (or even central pieces) in the Golden Girls episodes. But does this mean that the women feel defeated? Well, maybe just a bit. However, life moves on and it will prove to be beautiful again.

It can be said that loneliness is creeping between the older people, when someone passes away. However, this also makes the bonds between the friends even stronger. This also makes the Golden Girls treasure life even more than before.

And this leads to some of the most memorable scenes in the show. In fact, the awesomeness of aging is presented in each episode of the series. The jokes, the gags, the reunions, everything is tasted in a different manner than some younger characters would.

I am not even mentioning the fact that, once you get older and your children have flown away from the nest, you can do everything that comes into mind. Even going out on dates becomes a possibility, since now you are free.

So, as a conclusion, it can be said that there is a dread of aging. And it is only normal that this would happen. However, it is more important as to how this dread is met, as to how one reacts in the face of inevitability.

There is no need to soften things up by means of words, just like there is no point in retreating. Instead, live life. Live your golden age, because now you are truly free.

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