Abby and Chad: a Betrayal of Friendship, or Two Souls Lost in the Breeze?

Abby Deveraux seems to fall into the same rabbit hole her mom ends up in when it comes to men and dating.  Why is it that the Deveraux women are so lost when it comes to the name of love?  I wish I could have an answer for that.

In Abigail’s case, first she developed an infatuation for a married man (Austin Reed), going so far as to working with him every day and lying about things that weren’t said (or done) just to try to get him to bed.  Sure, Abby should be grateful to Austin, as he saved her life when she was younger with a bone marrow donation.  Needless to say, just because he saved you once, Abby, doesn’t mean you show your gratitude by deciding to bed the man, especially when he has a ring on his finger.

We all watched as that incident blew up in her face when the truth finally came out that nothing ever happened between Austin and Abby, causing her to be embarrassed, and Jack and Jennifer to look at each other, thinking (not saying), “where did we go wrong?”

Then, Abby met Dr. Cameron Davis, Lexie’s half-brother.  With portrayer, Schulyer Yancey, I admit, I loved these two together.  Abby was trying so hard to not only bypass Celeste’s ramblings of danger heading her way, but also try to show herself to Cameron as a grown woman who was developing feelings for him.  I loved how Days was able to portray Abigail in this time, as we watched her expressions of confusion (should she sleep with Cameron? Should she remain a virgin?) emerge, along with her expressions of love (The goofy eyes, the sweet smiles) aimed toward Cameron.  Watching these scenes made Abigail and Cameron’s relationship come alive for me.  I only wish the show had truly developed this relationship more as time went on instead of ending it so abruptly.

Now with a year closing and another one beginning, Abby finds herself hanging around Chad Dimera more often.  Oh, Abby, honey, did Celeste’s warnings of “I see danger ahead” mean nothing to you?  I mean, one minute, Chad portrays himself as a nice guy, and the next, he’s showing how much of a Dimera he is by trying to make Gabi’s life miserable. Is it any wonder why your best friend, Melanie, grabbed her things and ran off?

Could Abby be the key to changing Chad into a better person? Could their friendship lead to something more? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this new pairing pans out as the days go on…..


  1. zola rahiman says:

    i would like updates of days of our lives in the future episodes

  2. Rayshelon says:

    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so stagdrhtforwari.

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