A Special 2013 Christmas Episode

What if you were given the opportunity to travel back in time, write your own Dark Shadows Christmas episode and all cast and crew were asked to commit to the moment? What have you always wanted to see in a scene? Or perhaps it’s not a what but a who?

What if you could have anyone star and take the spotlight? How about add a bold twist to your favorite storyline or perhaps create an entirely new one?

We want to give you the opportunity to express yourself – paint your own picture, sit in the driver’s seat! If you were in charge, what would that moment look like? Let’s pause our holiday shopping stress for a second and have a little fun, eh?

Use comments below and let your imagination take over. We only ask that whether it’s a scene, episode or a storyline, you connect it with Christmas.

Don’t take it too seriously and be sure to check out other fans’ responses.



  1. In keeping with the age old Christmas tradition of recreating the Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, Collinwood will be visited by three ghosts this Christmas Eve. Victoria Winters will be visited by Peter Bradford, the ghost of Christmas past. Barnabas will be visited by Angelique, the ghost of Christmas Present, and Quentin will be visited by the ghost of Christmas future, his soon to be doomed lover in the form of a warlock prince who will meet a tragic end by Quentin’s hand in the throes of forbidden passion. Victoria, Baranbas, and Quentin will all be faced with longing, regret, and a haunted despair that will follow them throughout the rest of their lives.

    • Susan Byrnes says:

      Wow! I was going to give you something but this guy above, Christopher Hall, has a great answer!!!!!! That plot is fabulous! Ok, here’s my pathetic story. I, too, was going to talk about the Dicken’t classic. However, in mine, Barnabas is the only one visited by the ghosts. Angelique is the ghost of Christmas Past and she shows him how his life began as a vampire and the part she played in it, very dark stuff!! Victoria Winters is the ghost of Christmas Present. She shows him that, although he is a vampire, had a rotten life, lost the love of his life……he could still show love and compassion and had, therefore he became beloved in this time period. The ghost of Christmas Future would be Willie Lumas (cause he found Barnabas in the first place). All he shows Barnabas is Josette in a wedding dress waiting for him. He awakens to find Josette sitting next to his coffin in a wedding dress and is in corporal form. She invites his embrace and becomes his vampire bride. That’s it, but I used to think Barnabas got the raw end of the deal and that story was never settled, even in the movies after the series ended. The other characters will make appearances in the Old scene and New Ghost scene, but it’s mostly about justice for Barnabas and Josette. Told you mine paled in comparison of Christopher’s!!!!

    • Michael says:

      Christopher Hall . I couldn’t have done any better than that …u rock!! and what a wonderful thought …if Dark Shadows was being produced now instead of the 60′s I am sure Dan Curtis would have loved it …after all he did base it on a dream he had so the forbidden love thing would have been perfect !!!

  2. Rick Biernat says:

    Here is my attempt at this:

    It is once again Christmastime at Collinwood during the present time, but vampire Barnabas Collins is feeling no joy because of his curse. His deep depression finally takes hold of him and he plans to destroy himself in the basement of the old house by using a crossbow set up to automatically send a wooden stake into his heart. However, a voice in the darkness stops him and sends him to the past, to Christmas of 1795. Here he sees himself before he was cursed celebrating the last Christmas as a mortal, along with his mother Naomi, father Joshua, sister Sarah, and bride-to-be Josette. This however does not help his melancholy because of his knowledge of what will soon happen to him. Suddenly, it is Christmas of 1897. Here he sees Judith and Edward Collins. Edward’s Christmas celebration is hampered by his anger toward Barnabas, who recently stole Kitty Hampshire from him. Barnabas knows that this too had turned into tragedy and still does not see any hope for himself. The mysterious voice however tries to convince Barnabas to let go of the past and embrace hope that all is not lost for him. Now, Barnabas finds himself back in the present in front of the Collinsport church, but fears this because of the cross that looms ahead. The voice however assures him not to have fear but to instead walk toward the nativity scene in front of the church. Barnabas looks intently upon the Baby Jesus there and suddenly feels his curse disappear. His is human once again and it is dawn of Christmas morning. He then goes to Collinwood and is able to celebrate with his family, knowing that he has received a Christmas miracle!

  3. Jason Jones says:

    At the mall, Barnabas wanted to buy Josette that one special gift. He had his heart set on a music box that he saw at the Bed, Bath and Beyond. He was a little strapped for cash and decided to go ahead and purchase it on a credit card. Josette wouldn’t mind, he thought to himself, even though Josette told him that Christmas needed to be light this year due to the lack of monetary funds. Barnabas was working a night shift at a blood bank and got all of his hours reduced due to employee cutbacks, except for 10 hours. Barnabas thought about his predicament and decided to go ahead and purchase the music box. The person at the counter whose name was Angelique (that’s what it said on her name tag) thought that the music box was really pretty.
    “Who is this for?” Angelique said inquisitively.
    “I’m buying it for my wife Josette. She saw it here earlier and was quite smitten with it.” Barnabas said with a chuckle.
    “Oh ok. This is nice but, do you think that she would rather have a dog instead, I mean it is cheaper than this music box in the long run.” Angelique was sly.
    Barnabas was unaware that he was being charmed by a witch. He went a head and bought the dog, unaware that he’d been tricked into doing so. On the way back to his car, he said to the puppy, “What shall we name you?” The puppy barked and it sounded like he barked “Quentin.” Barnabas, amused, said to the puppy,
    “It sounds like you said the name, Quentin. Did you boy?” Barnabas said.
    The dog barked and licked Barnabas’ cold, pale face.
    “Well, I guess Quentin it is!” Barnabas hugged the dog tightly. “Josette is going to love you.”
    Barnabas got home and told Josette to close her eyes. She did and Barnabas gave her the puppy. She opened her eyes and sighed.
    “How much?”
    “It doesn’t matter, does it? Barnabas muttered.
    “Tell me.” Josette was curious.
    “Um….500 dollars.” Barnabas quivered the answer from his lips.
    “What! Why didn’t you get me that music box? It was only 30 bucks!” Josette was furious.
    “The woman at the counter told me that the puppy was cheaper!” He suddenly realized he’d been duped.

    Barnabas and Josette didn’t speak for the rest of the night. Josette told him that he was going to have to sleep somewhere else and he wasn’t sleeping with her in their queen sized coffin when the sun rose.
    “Well boy.” Barnabas said to Quentin. “Looks like I’m in the doghouse with you.”
    Quentin barked a bark of understanding and licked his master’s pale face again. Just as the sun started to rise over the horizon, Barnabas and Quentin snuggled together in a makeshift coffin. As Barnabas’ eyes began to close, he thought he could hear laughter in the distance from a certain Bed, Bath and Beyond counter person. What was her name? Oh yes! Angelique (that’s what it said on her name tag anyway).

    The End

  4. Leyna Bouchard says:

    It is Christmas eve. Love prevails and everyone is able to be with Maggie Evans, the belle of Collinsport,
    thanks to parallel lives. In other words, Maggie Evans has been cloned x 3.
    The original marries Joe Haskell.
    Maggie no. 2 happily becomes Josette and marries Barnabas. Maggie no 3 gets with Nicholas Blair. Maggie no 4 fulfills Willie Loomis’ dreams. The four Maggies live happily ever after with their respective mates. :-)

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