A Special 2013 Christmas Episode

What if you were given the opportunity to write your own Firefly Christmas episode and all cast and crew were asked to commit to the moment? What have you always wanted to see in a scene? Or perhaps it’s not a what but a who?

What if you could have anyone star and take the spotlight? How about add a bold twist to your favorite storyline or perhaps create an entirely new one?

We want to give you the opportunity to express yourself – paint your own picture, sit in the driver’s seat! If you were in charge, what would that moment look like? Let’s pause our holiday shopping stress for a second and have a little fun, eh?

Use comments below and let your imagination take over. We only ask that whether it’s a scene, episode or a storyline, you connect it with Christmas.

PS: Who knows, your ideas may stand out and even be considered for future production (;




  1. alan68 says:

    How about Mal gets hired to deliver some toys (hand-carved wooden ones, of course) to some orphans on a remote world way outside Alliance space. Along the way, they take on a traveler, another Shepherd, whom everyone silently agrees is sort of there to replace Shepherd Book. On the way, River starts asking him weird questions about snow and reindeer. Just before they reach the planet, they get attacked and boarded by reavers. Out of nowhere, the kind old shepherd pulls out a couple of sharp weapons and cuts all the reavers to shreds, almost as impressively as River did in the Serenity movie. River wants to know why she wasn’t allowed to help. The mysterious shepherd answers, “This was MY job.” After they deliver the toys and leave, the old man asks to be dropped off at a nearby space port, Everyone begins to wonder if this might have been the legendary Santa Claus from Earth-that-was. Malcolm MacDowell could play the “Santa” shepherd.
    Well, even if you don’t like it, would it be any worse than sitting through “A Very Brady Christmas: again?

    • gigi says:

      L.O.V.E IT!! does Joss read these?? omg! this could be a movie! [I’d tie in as a side, but very poignant, plot some heavily pregnant Zoe to sort of bring in the ‘a child is born’ Christmas element & to let Wash live on in a way… at the end she gives birth to the most gorgeous tanned curly ginger boy ever! ;)

  2. Joe Jeffery says:

    Christmas episode: A while back for a Firefly based Christmas party, I made some Firefly filk songs/carols.
    The best liked one was (to the tune of Rudolph) : River the Brain Bent Reader .

    You know Mal, and Inara, and Wash and Zoey
    Jayne, and Shepherd, and Simon, and Kaylee.
    But do you recall the most shiny crewman of them all.

    River the Brain-bent Reader.
    Had a very shiny brain,
    But if you ever saw her,
    You’ld swear she was quite insane.

    All the other crew members,
    Used to laugh and call her names,
    They never let poor River,
    Join in any daring crimes.

    Then when the chips were really down,
    River came to say,
    “I’ll take on those frakin Reavers,
    So you can live another day.”

    Then all the crew did love her.
    And they shouted out with glee.
    River’s our brain bent reader.
    You’re now crew on Serenity.

  3. Pete says:

    Mal and the crew pick up three elderly male travelers, all are Shepherds like Shepherd Book, while on the way to drop off medical supplies at one of the outer worlds (“the three wise men”). The three travelers all want to visit the planet Alpha Centuri but won’t say why. River starts poking them with questions and blurting out their intentions to see their messiah born. Once pressed by Mal, the Shepherds admit that this messiah is said to be the one who will overthrow the Alliance through a peaceful revolution. When Serenity arrives, the pregnant mother and her followers had already fled to safety due to Alliance soldiers seeking out this unborn child. Mal and crew have to squeak out of a tight situation while dropping medical supplies and toys for needy children on this poverty stricken planet. At the end, the baby is born in safety at a manger on another planet.

  4. Julian Hinojoza says:

    Mel and the crew, all of whom are broken in some fashion anyway, land on a planet of misfits. They find Shepherd Book and Wash resurrected and pass a special day with their lost friends.
    They must leave the planet, Book and Wash to deliver a special gift to an old man on St. Albans. The old man, dressed in worn red shirt and trousers wearing a brown coat turns out to be Joss Whedon.

    • Jacqui and Mark says:

      That is beautiful.

      I want to mourn Wash and the Shepherd.

      Can you imagine how heartbreaking a scene between Zoey and Wash would be?

      With gigi’s idea that Zoey is pregnant?

      Devastating and wonderful.

  5. Amy Kearns says:

    We pick up with a flash back to end of move when Wash dies and pick up the story from there. We learn Zoe is pregnant. The Serenity Crew have been down on their luck with Alliance clamping down. They end up getting helped by Jubel Early , the Tams’ Dad, and one of Inara’s clients . They end up searching for a safe place for Zoe to have her baby and end up at Kayli’s parents home which is festively decorated for a holiday that mixes traditions from the earth that was rather than standard Christmas. Red still plays an important role though since it is a common to Chinese Culture and Christmas.

  6. Amy Kearns says:

    Also there can be some comedic scenes with River , Kayli, and Zoe’s baby.

  7. Kate Murray says:

    The crew is sitting down to Christmas dinner. Mal raises a glass to Wash and there is silence. In that silence a panel beeps. They all turn and look.

    RIVER – It’s a wave.

    She gets up and walks over. Mal joins her. She pulls up the video on the screen. There is the face of the operative.

    OPERATIVE – Mal.
    MAL – Seeing as I told you I would kill you if I saw you again, I don’t rightly know why we are talking.

    Mal goes to close the wave but the Operative holds out a hand and Mal stops. It is about this time that Mal notices that he is dishevelled and has a cut on his face.

    OPERATIVE – I need your help.
    Mal looks surprised and waits.
    OPERATIVE – I need you to go back to Miranda.

    The story then follows the crew of Serenity as they go back to Miranda. The original PAX virus was delivered through the atmosphere via a virus. This virus ought to have died out but it didn’t. Instead it evolved into a contactable disease. The Reavers don’t eat all those they capture. Some become more Reavers. In order to get the cure, the alliance needs a copy of the original PAX but that is all on Miranda. They have sent ships, but none have made it through. Now Serenity must try before everyone becomes lost to the PAX.

    The film ‘Miranda’ sees Mal become more attached to Innara, particularly as she is trying to teach him how to fight. River shows she is truly gifted, even if her ‘sight’ has become cloudy now that she is not taking the alliances drugs. Kaylee and Simon are married and Jayne is always arguing with Zoe, mainly because he sees the way open for him since Wash’s death. It is a film with space, cowboys and Zombies, where the independents ultimately win.

  8. River, Kaylee and eventually Jayne want to celebrate christmas for Wash and Zoe’s baby and in memory of Shepard Book. However, they don’t have any decorations, food or presents and the rest of the crew doesn’t really get it. Meanwhile, they are shipping legal Alliance exports of food from an agricultural outer planet to a central planet. They are waylaid on a poor planet because of engine trouble (although maybe Kaylee just didn’t want to work on christmas) and they decide to share the food among the poor people of the town they landed in instead of delivering it to the rich Alliance christmas party.

    • Oh yes, and Mal stays in the cockpit to watch the ship while the rest party with the poor folk, and Innara, who happened to be visiting the planet comes in and says that she was proud and surprised that Mal gave the food away. He waves away the compliment saying that he prefers to be an outlaw than work for The Alliance. She stays in the cockpit anyway and they enjoy drinks together. Meanwhile, Zoe is enjoying the party with her baby but feeling lonely without Wash, but River, Jayne, Simon and Kaylee (Simon and Kaylee are now engaged) come to cheer her up.

  9. Steve says:

    The story opens on Mal sitting on his bunk alone. He’s got his head in his hands. Sound fades in as he is talking. “Some days, I wonder if the Shepard was right.” Over the com, River announces that they are coming up on a derelict Glory class ship. The name painted on the hull is ‘North Pole Express’ and according to the computers, this ship was the very first of its kind and went missing just 3 days after taking on it’s very first load.
    Mal makes the decision to explore it for cargo. He and Zoe cross the docking tube and open the doors to find that the ship is still powered up and the atmosphere is clean. While they explore each crew member has flashbacks to a Christmas from their youth and finds a wrapped present sitting in front of them as they come out the memory..
    Mal finds an unopened present sitting on the Captain’s chair with his name on it. Warily, he opens it to find a toy he’d wanted as a child. Attached is a note: “Mal, you never believed. Maybe this will help.” It is signed “Book”. Mal freaks out and orders Zoe back to the Serenity. The entire crew sits in the galley and shares the gifts and memories.
    River suddenly looks up toward the flight deck and smiles. She says, “The Shepard says we’re all going to be okay now. Even Mal.” As she walks away we see Book in shadow.
    Mal tells everyone to get some rest so they can go back to the “Express” later. When he gets to his bunk he smiles and we see a tear running down his cheek.
    The next day, the express is gone, but all over the net are reports of a Glory class ship called the “North Pole Express” appearing out of nowhere filled with gifts for those who encounter it. Mal just shuts the net down and tells everyone, “I guess there are some miracles left after all. Maybe the Shepard was right.”

  10. Varian says:

    It’s Christmas dinner, and the crew decide, in a rare moment, to reveal secrets of their past, like what’s up with Book and his ident card? And why does Walsh play with dinosaurs? Was Jane ever “normal”?

  11. Christopher Bock says:

    My idea would be to have Shepherd Book get sent back to collect Wash who is stuck between worlds after being killed by the Reavers and he doesn’t realize he has passed on. It would be set duringChristmas time and Zoe is pregnant with Wash’s child. It would be basically a Christmas Ghost story and the crew has no idea what’s going on.


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