A Special 2013 Christmas Episode

What if you were given the opportunity to write your own General Hospital Christmas episode and all cast and crew were asked to commit to the moment? What have you always wanted to see in a scene? Or perhaps it’s not a what but a who?

What if you could have anyone star and take the spotlight? How about add a bold twist to your favorite storyline or perhaps create an entirely new one?

We want to give you the opportunity to express yourself – paint your own picture, sit in the driver’s seat! If you were in charge, what would that moment look like? Let’s pause our holiday shopping stress for a second and have a little fun, eh?

Use comments below and let your imagination take over. We only ask that whether it’s a scene, episode or a storyline, you connect it with Christmas.

PS: Who knows, your ideas may stand out and even be considered for future production (;




  1. What I would like to see for the holidays is Georgie com home from being in a coma that no one knew about. That would be the greatest Christmas present. I also would like Allen to walk back into Quartermain house on Christmas Eve.

  2. Katrina Gipple says:

    I would like to see Liz finally get a happy ending for once. For Nik to finally come to his senses and declare his love for Liz and ask her to marry him…. A girl could only hope :)

    • Kim Taylor says:

      Yes bring Jason back do whatever it takes to bring back the old Jason because a recast will not he the same

    • susan says:

      if it weren’t for Helena that would be great. I have heard that she died and I also heard she didn’t die. she is a witch.

  3. David Stahl says:

    would like to sonny bring gifts to children at GH also cast members to get together for holiday party and have flashbacks of past GH Christmas shows have some singing and dancing would be fun to watch

    very big fan of show

  4. Tammy W says:

    I would like Jason to come back. Sonny and Jason and Shawn would make an incredible force against the Jeromes! And Jason could be with his son and Sam. There could be an interesting story there since Sam is developing feelings for Silas. Who would she choose? Jason is so missed. I would love to see how he would interact with AJ now too. Jason needs to be on GH!

  5. dara pulido says:

    First Jason come back from the dead to make Sam complete. I like the idea of Georgie coming back on Christmas Eve to make Maxi complete. I would love to see Carly get back with Jax and leave Franco alone. Basically make everyone’s wishes come true. And I think that Dr Drake should stay with Robin to make his family complete and let Sabrina go.

    • Maria says:

      I totally agree !!!

    • Kathy Simpson says:

      First Georgie is dead so she can’t come back. Need a story line involving the poor and homeless US people. Leave Nik with Britt. Bring Steve Burton back, he is not playing such a good role on Y@R. Don’t take Ben from Britt but fine the embro’s for Dante and Lulu. I have watched this soap for over 45 years and I’m scared to death they are going to lose it. We are getting too many reality shows now. LOVE GH

      • Diana says:

        I to have been watching for over 35 years! and faithful when Laura Webber Balwin Spencer Balwin came on the seen.
        Still DVR it too

        • Helan says:

          I also have been watching GH for over 40 yrs

          • Susan says:

            I’ve been watching since Audrey was a student nurse (pretty close to 50 years I’m thinking). I would get rid of Sonny and all the mob crap, bring back Laura in a permanent role, along with more emphasis on the HOSPITAL rather than the MOB.

      • Darlene A. says:

        In response to Kathy S. ~ So was Robin dead!! Ben is one of Lulu and Dante’s embryos. GH is getting so unbelievable but I still am addicted to it!

      • kathy slonaker says:

        kind of hard to find the embryos when britch used both of them. give dante & lulu their baby. don’t put felix with brad, brad’s a jerk. bad enough spinelli took the baby from maxie and left. gonna miss him.

        • Cathie says:

          Agree, will miss Spinelli & baby. Give Lulu & Dante their sperm or definitely take baby from Brit….she can have Nik’s baby later. Why Felix would want Brad is beyond me.

  6. Britt gives Dante and Lulu their baby. Allow Maxie access to Connie.

    • lanie940 says:

      I agree. Britt owns up to the fact she stole Dante and lulu’s embryo and Ben is their baby.

      • charlene805 says:

        I agree completely, this would make a great Christmas miracle for Dante and Lulu, they deserve to be happy with their baby. Maxie should be with her baby too. I also would love to see a Christmas party being held at the hospital and have the characters remembering past Christmases together. This would be a great time to create new memories and perhaps a Christmas miracle (hint, hint) for some cast mates. :)

  7. Sandy says:

    Bring Georgie back, bring Jason back, get Patrick to choose Robin and Emma over Sabrina. Sabrina is still young and can find someone else. Get Heather Weber the hell out of the picture for good. Bring Lucas back only to find out his dad is Julian Jerome.

  8. Caroldee says:

    DICKEN’S Christmas Carol.. all the players would be just perfect.. I can see Luke as Scrooge..now that Edward is gone. Other than that… make it a Christmas to remember those who are no longer on the show.. on their 50th anniversary.. Farewells are always nice.

  9. Chantelle Rogers Rodriguez says:

    Britt leaves Dante and Lulu the baby that belongs to them then dissapears . Franco has another tumor and just imagined killing his mom . He gets treated and Carly has a happy ending . Sabrina and Patrick get married and Robin makes peace with it . Tracey and Luke have a big renewal vows bash where Ava gets exposed for killing Connie and Sam and Silas do the deed .

    • Angela says:

      love this!

    • Jane Rioux says:

      Robin stays Patrick’s wife.

    • Cookie says:

      Robin stays Patricks wife. I agree with Britt giving Dante and Lulu their baby. I would love for Jason to return. Would like for Julian to turn around and be a real father to Sam and Lucas as well as a grandfather to Danny. At least be semi legit. Would like for Lulu and Maxi to make peace with each other. There were best friends…almost like sisters and would like to see that relationship repaired!

  10. Nikki Eatmon says:

    I would love to see Georgie come back and Emily and Nicholas to be together…get rid of the Britch! Sabrina is pregnant with Patricks baby…can’t decide who I want Patrick to be with though…and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have Steve Burton a.k.a Jason Morgan under Sams tree xmas morning!♡ Oh and let Dante and Lulu find out that Ben is really their son. Finally let Maxie have her daughter back♡


  11. Jean W. says:

    Wow, thanks… I would have Liz and AJ together and him stay sober…Jason come back to Sam… Silas with Ava… Sabrina with Nikolas.. Robin and Patrick together.. Franco with Carly she makes him a better person and I like this character… Olivia and Sonny..Epiphiney and Shawn…Molly and Morgan.. Alexis and Julian they look good together.. Diane and Max… Michael and Kiki… I love Felicia and Mac.. Anna and Duke..only because Scorpio has other things going on…Luke and Laura, I know I know so Tracy.. but maybe here is where things could get crazy and Alexis could be with Luke..hmmm…maybe..lol..well that is what I would do..oh yeah and I would hook up Felix and grrr what’s his name…oh and Maxi and Spinelli..

  12. sharon llanes says:

    i would love fore Patrick to bring robin home and they get back together

  13. Rebecca Montgomery says:

    Scene: at Sam’s penthouse. Sam, Danny, Silas. Spinelli, Elli, and baby Connie. They are celebrating Christmas when there is a knock at the door. It’s Santa! And he comes barring gifts. Papers from a judge saying Maxi can now have Shared custody of the baby. Then, Spinelli has to stay in Port Charles. But Elli still moves to Portland. Silas and Sam have a long talk and decide to just be really good friends. Which is good timing. As there is another knock on the door. Sam answers it. It’s Maxi. Someone has given her the good news and she has come to celebrate Connie’s 1st Christmas. Sam invites her in and starts to shut the door. Just then, someone stops the door from shutting. Sam opens the door and can’t believe her eyes. It’s JASON!!! (must be played only by Steve Burton). They hug and kiss. Everyone celebrates Chritmas and all of the blessings they have been given.
    Meanwhile, at the Drake household. Patrick is still in shock and confusion. Who will he choose? Even I don’t know. I as a fan love Kimberly as Robin. And she definitely has to stay in Port Chuck. But, this whole thing has just devastated Sabrina. And it took Patrick a long time to put the pieces of his heart back together after “losing” Robin. And he really is in love with Sabrina. It’s a tossup. And I’m leaning towards Sabrina. As long as it doesn’t hurt Robin so much that she leaves again.
    Brit and Nicholas fall in love. She tells the truth about the baby. And he is turned over to Donte and Lulu. Brit and Nick get married and start a family of their own.
    Of course, the day after All of these Christmas miracles. Is Heather really dead? Does Jax come back when he finds out Jerry isn’t dead? Is there another Cassadine lurking around? Just how close will Carly and her new Bo get? Especially when she finds out what he did.
    So much excitement and shocks to come!
    Stay tuned :)

    ~Rebecca Montgomery

  14. Angela says:

    at this point I would just love to see Robin go away I am sorry she is my least favorite of people on the show! Patrick/Sabrina/Emma, Love love love Luke/Tracy, Michael/Kiki, Ava gone please expose her for killing Connie, Brit gives back the baby to Lulu and Dante, Lulu and Maxie be friends again and bring her back to reality I think Lulu went a little off the deep end, Franco/Carly love them together, Sam/Silas like the chemsitry they are building, Let Liz find a real relationship and not Nicholas thats Lucky’s brother not working! Alexis and Shawn need to get back toghether loved them…..let Sam see Jason and he tells her its ok to move on be happy I will always love you! Spinelli/Maxie back together with their baby I like the dynamic better than Spinelli/Ellie…..and I like that Brad has a heart and Brad/Felix!

  15. Nancy Torgie says:

    I would love to have Jason back, even if someone else plays the part! I would love to have Nicolas be with someone else, myself. I don’t mind Nicolas being with Britt, but she has done really bad things. But, so has Nicolas, he maybe a Prince, but that is why they made a good couple. They could have Nicolas be with Liz, and admitting to her that Nicolas loves her. I would love to have Georgie back too! I know Maxie would be happier with Georgie back, and I think a lot of fans would want that too. I would want Scotty to over hear, Ava to admit she killed Connie, and him going after Ava. I am not a big fan of Carlos, but if he is Lily’s brother then Sonny will not kill him.

  16. Toni Matney says:

    JASON JASON JASON!!!!!! Bring him back to the show and that would make my whole year!!!! Great Christmas present too…Would be an interesting storyline for Sam and Danny…Since she’s trying to start a relationship with Silas…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK JASON!!!!!!! Just sayin…

  17. Elizabeth Lovejoy says:

    I would love to see Jason come walking in the door as Samantha and the Baby are decorating the Christmas Tree. I would also like to see Dante and LuLu find out that they have a son. It would be great if Patrick and Robin and Emma would get back together and Celebrate Christmas together. Most of all if Anna and Duke could finally be happy.

  18. Marisol says:

    Christmas scene.
    I would love Patrick and Sabrina rekindle that special love that they have and finally get married. I would put maxie and lulu together for the holidays. And I would lose ava or get her to go to jail for connies death. I would give Franco an easy come back without any more killings bc him and carly have that great chemistry. 8 would finally give Sam and silas the perfect Christmas as a family. She deserves a great family man. I would love to see aj back on top as ELQ’s ceo. I would have brit give dante and lulu their son back on Christmas Day as a perfect miracle. I believe there should be miracles and romance. I take Robin and finally let her have her daughter emma but not the man bc she was the one who wanted to leave the show Sry. I think shrubs is a perfect match for him maybe hook Robin and Carlos. That would be a twist and drama to the scene. Since her mom hates Julian and he works for him. That would be a twist. I have so much great ideas to fix all of these problems that these people have on gh.

  19. Pam says:

    Well I want to see Sam and Silas spend Christmas together with Danny. I love the character of Franco AND Silas but would love for Silas to be a secret FBI Agent. Would love for them to bring Jon Hensley from ATWT to play Doctor to Sabrina’s broken heart. Love to See Sonny spend a Christmas with Olivia and for a present for Lulu and Dante their baby Ben coming home to them.. Robin could go to the judge on behalf of Maxie and change the judges mind and of course she and Spinelli would have a Christmas Wedding and be together with their daughter. Michael and Kiki will stay together they are great together. Ava I love her character will have a change of heart towards Sonny and later I could see a love triangle with Sonny and Olivia and Ava. Love Franco with Carly! Bring Laura back for Luke ..Put Tracey with Lucy’s husband since she cheated with Scott Balwin..And Alexis with Julian..Heather you know she can always bounce back and I would love to see Johnny back! I think Nicholas could just be they guy to change Britt. And Molly should be with Rafe! And yes let Shaun and Epiphany get together she needs a love interest too:)

  20. Yvonna Myers says:

    i would really like Blackie Parish to come back and be a mystery person saying the Night before Christmas story.

    • Debbie says:

      Now Blackie Parrish would be a wonderful Christmas present. Too bad that will never happen because of John Stamos not wanting to come back for the Nurse’s Ball.

      • Terri says:

        He only didn’t come back because they didn’t offer him what he wanted…he wanted more than just a cameo from why I understand from an interview I saw of him…

  21. mia jordan says:

    i would like jason come back in a vision to sam and their child early christmas morning and he can see his child and sam can be assured that jason is not coming back. i would also like to see sonny finally find the woman of his dreams and have a christmas wedding.

  22. Pris says:

    I would love for Robert and Holly to get their happy ending. This would entail Ethan being a Scorpio and not a Spencer. I would also like for Robin to leave, and Sabrina and Patrick get married, and live happily ever after!

  23. Mel says:

    I would like to see Britt hand over baby Ben to Dante and Lulu because he is their biological child. I would also like to see Robin return home to spend Christmas with her family after Patrick chooses her.

  24. Penny Evans says:

    Christmas in Port Charles. At the residence of Liz Webber, the kids are tucked in on Christmas Eve, & alone, Liz sits with warm apple cider staring at the Christmas tree lights remembering Christmas past with Lucky. She falls asleep and awakens to Christmas morning & the excitement of her children to open gifts. After watching the excitement & happiness of her children over what Santa has brought them, she still wishes Santa were real & she could get what her heart desires. The doorbell rings, she answers the door to find Lucky standing there with a small gift for Elizabeth (an engagement ring), he says…”Santa dropped something.”……..
    At the In a Port Charles Dept. store, Robin & Emma finish some last minute Christmas Eve shopping. Emma asks if Robin thinks Santa will make Daddy wake up in time for Christmas. Since the lab explosion, Patrick has been in a coma, which he suffered from when he was knocked out by the explosion. All the twists & turns we have been watching turn out to a dream he’s been having this whole time. Robin, has been spending all of her time trying to invent a medicine that will bring someone out of a coma. She’s so close to getting there, & tells Emma ” I’m doing my best, but…..then her cellphone rings, it’s the hospital. She races there with Emma, & they get their Christmas miracle, Patrick Wales up! They spend their Christmas together, one happy family……

  25. Penny Evans says:

    Quartermaine residence…….Monica, Tracy & Luke are home & as usual Tracy & Monica are arguing, Luke is trying to drown out the noise with a bottle of scotch, & just when Luke thinks he can’t take anymore, the doorbell rings. It’s Bed. Tracy’s ecstatic, Monica’s less than thrilled, but then, A.J. show up, so now Monica is happy to have him home. The doorbell rings yet again, & Dillon has arrived for the holiday. It takes no time for arguing to ensue, and to everyone’s surprise, Alan & Emily arrive to keep peace. They remind them that their absences should remind them of family being together & loving one another. Everyone listens to them & promises to do better, & for oce, Christmas dinner actually comes out right!!

  26. Penny Evans says:

    At Dante & Lulu’s residence, after all they have been through, Dante & Lulu are prepared for a not so Merry Christmas. It’s Christmas eve, & as they are thinking of baby Connie & everything it should have been, there’s a knock at the door. They open the door to find Britt & Nicholas. Britt is there to give them their son & own up to what she’s done. She told Nicholas everything, & agreed it was time for the right thing to be done. Lulu & Dante welcome their son home, the best gift they could ever ask for. Britt & Nicholas leave, & Nicholas consoles an upset Britt reassuring her she has done the right thing, & that he will not leave her. Later that Christmas eve, just as the clock strikes 12, and the night becomes Christmas morning, Nicholas proposes, Britt accepts, & tells Nicholas he is gonna be a Dad again…..she’s pregnant with his child……..honest.

    • Sandra says:

      I love that, I even got a little teary reading it! LOL I would like to add that Monica reads the Christmas story to the Children’s ward and BRENDA comes to check on Sonny after hearing that Connie died and to let him know her love for him is as strong as ever.

  27. Janet says:

    I would love to see Dante and Lulu get their child back from Britt, Robin and Patrick back together and Spinelli and Maxi with their baby

  28. Mona says:

    Of course my first wish would be that Jason come home to Sam for real not just in a dream. Then Maxie and Spinelli together with their child with the the court order revoked…Patrick and Robin with Emma….Jax and Carly reunited….there’s more but don’t have enough time to write them all. If I had to just pick one, that would be Jason coming home to Sam!

  29. Bonnie says:

    I would love to see Stephan come back from the dead for a brief xmas moment at Cassadine Island to see Nicholas again.

  30. Ellie says:

    I would love for Robin and Patrick to renew their vows, and talk about how they will still love each other more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Then they could discuss having another child, and maybe get Emma some friends that aren’t boys. Maxie could go spend some time with her dad to get out of Port Charles for a while, and when she comes back she could have her baby. Elizabeth needs a new man in her life. She needs someone who doesn’t have any past history with the city. Then Britt should give Dante and lulu their son back. She can still have more children with Nik. Maybe it’s time for Monica to find love again. Sabrina can find someone to mend her heart who hasn’t been in love before. Maybe she can find someone who will change for her like Patrick changed for Robin.

  31. jessica says:

    I think all these ideas are great! I would love to see Lucky, Emily, and Jason come back!

  32. susan says:

    they need to age Cameron as well, he , Molly & Morgan are all suppose to be about the same age. Then Cameron could be with Molly. I think Sabrina should be with Milo.

  33. Donna Bentley Miller says:

    Jason come back to help Sonny with the mob war . Jason goes to Sam and Danny to be a family ..

  34. Susan says:

    Patrick, Robin, and Emma cut a tree on the property ( which is the land where Patrick surprised Robin with ideas of their new home…before she was kidnapped) and bring it home and decorate it…while making Christmas wishes for the New Year….

  35. Dezteni says:

    I think that they find fiasco and they find Jason on cassadine island and he goes back to sam and they kiss and she tells him that Danny’s his son so then they kiss again and Silas walks through the door and says who’s this and Jason says I’m sams husband then they fight over her and Sam chooses Jason and they have another kid

  36. liz says:

    i think maybe have robin and patrick renew their vows and jason to come back also for lulu and dante to finally get their baby back from britt and for spinelli and maxie to finally be together as it should be.

  37. Susan says:

    I would like to hear the cast members sing Christmas carols. Loved that when they did it a few years ago. Also like it when the Night Before Christmas is read. Love to hear/see the talents of these actors/actresses. Merry Christmas!!

  38. Brenda says:

    I would like to see Jason come back and surprise Sam . Danta and Lulu gets a Christmas surprise and gets their baby . I’m not crazy about Robin any more . I would love to see Patrick and Sabrina stay togeather . Liz and Nicolas needs to get togeather . Maxie and Spenelli needs to get engage and the judge needs to have a heart and change his mind about keeping the baby from her . That would be a wonderful Christmas show . Getting engaged and getting your baby .

  39. tasha says:

    i WOULD LOVE to see JASON come home to sam and danny for christmas that would be heartbreaking and that patrick and robin get back together!

  40. Chelsey Tabor says:

    I would love to see Jason come home and surprise Sam, Danny, Carly, his mom, his brother AJ. I would like to see Robin back with Patrick.

  41. Holly says:

    They need to recast Jason, get rid of Carlos, Ava Jerome needs to go down for Connies murder and Dante and Lulu need to get Ben. He’s their baby, not Britts. I also think GH needs a lesbian couple.

  42. Lore L says:

    I would love to see Sonny be the scrooge in The Christmas Carol and bring back his mother, step-father, Lily and Jason to straighten him out once and for all so he can see how awful he has been. Maybe have his former mob boss, I forgot his name right now, come back as Marley’s ghost and when he wakes up he makes peace with the Jeromes ….one could only hope!

  43. BARBARA says:

    I want Jason back, Patrick and Emmaand robin reunited. Spanelli to change his mind and come back to GH on Christmas and let Maxie know he loves her and will wait until her 6 months are up and then they get married. Lulu and Danta get their son, Brit leaves the show.

  44. Sandra says:

    Monica reading the Christmas story and Brenda back to spend Christmas Eve with Sonny.

    • Michele says:

      A love triangle! Brenda didn’t really die in that plane crash! A triangle between Sonny, Olivia and Brenda. BUT, Brenda has a shady past with Franco. Perhaps she fell mentally ill and his painting money helped pay for her care? She has feelings for him? Sounds interesting to me!

  45. I agree with everyone, they should bring Georgie back, if they can bring Faison, and Duke back there has to be a way to bring Maxie’s sister back. Would like to see Ned back the Quartermaines are dwindling down to nothing. Have Patrick dress up as Santa and make Robin and Emma have a great Christmas. Olivia and Sonny would be great, and have Alexis happy for a change.

  46. Sharon says:

    I don’t care if Jason comes back. I think Sam and Silas are good together. Sonny and Olivia are boring, no chemistry. I think things would heat up with Sonny and Ava. Leave Carly with Franco and see what happens. No more Patrick and Robin, they are boring. Leave Patrick with Sabrina and she needs to be pregnant. Spinelli and Maxie were great together. Leave Luke with Tracy they shake things up. Elizabeth and A.J. are not good together. I think Nicholas and Britt should remain together. Let’s all face it, no one ever remains happily together in soapland!

  47. Christine says:

    I would love to see Jason come home but I don’t know if I could handle a recast of his role. Have Patrick choose Robin just in time for Christmas together. Make Britt give Dante and Lulu their son just in time for his first Christmas. Make Spenelli turn around and run back to Maxie and declare his love and promise that they will always be together, have Robin change the judges mind so they can be together with their daughter. I would love to see Lucky come home for Christmas and get back together with Liz. I hate it when the writers tear apart the best couples. I really think that these couples I mentioned here being put back together would boost the ratings, somethings are meant to stay the same.

    • becky says:

      First of all, have Patrick tell Sabrina that he is going back to Robin, she is after all the love of his life, the mother of his child & his wife. He tells her that her cares for her, but that he only loves her like a friend, and he knew he should have never let things get as far as they did( the wedding). Have Patrick show up at the house & tell Robin that he has never stopped loving her and ask her to renew their vows on Christmas with just Emma, Maxie, Liz, Robert, Anna & Duke. Then flash to Nik & Britt, she finally breaks down, and tells him the WHOLE truth, that Ben is really his nephew, then they take him to Daunte & Lulu’s, so he can be with his parents for his first Christmas. Robin & Patrick go tot the judge & tell him that hey will help Maxie with whatever he thinks she needs, but that her daughter needs her mother, just like Emma needs robin. The judge realizes that she is right and tells Maxie she can see baby Georgie. Maxie calls Spinilli and tells him that she is flying out to see her daughter, but gets no answer. Maxie is upset and crying when there is a knock at the door, she opens it to find Spinilli & baby Georgie there. He tells her that he has never stopped loving her and that he wants them to be a family, he asks her to marry him, and she promises this time she will go thru with the wedding, they have a double wedding with Robin & Patrick. Lucky shows up Christmas morning and tells Liz that he wants to start over with her and the boys. Sam opens the door expecting to find Silas, only to find Jason. Robert & Anna really did kill Faison. Brit, her mom, and Brad all go to jail for what they did to Daunt & Lulu. Sabrina runs into Milo who gives her a shoulder to cry on, they become friends and eventually start dating. Max & Diane get back together as do Alexis & Shaun. Molly realized that her true feelings are for Rafe, and TJ’s are for Taylor. Felix meets a new man who is worthy of him. Michael & Kiki get engaged. ( after all they make such a perfect couple both on & off screen). Ava goes to jail for killing Connie & Morgan goes to live with Jax who will straighten him out.

    • have britt tell the truth about I am so tierd of that storyline

  48. Kim Geiser says:

    I think a great Christmas tale would be fantasies of what the characters wished they had for Christmas. Like for instance Franco fills the tree with presents for Carly and they are all kinky toys to play with introducing her to a whole new lifestyle. Fifty Shades is coming up fast and with the hot guys you have on your show you would be silly not to cash in on that. Especially with Roger Howarth, Michael Corinthos JR. Patrick Drake.Even Luke and Spanky can get in on the action. They dont call her spanky for nothing lol Think about it.

  49. nancy says:

    have someone reading to the children at GH. my preference is Alan Quartermaine as he was the senior doctor, but they killed him off. or Tony Jones, oh wait, they killed him off too!!! the only elder man they ever kept around was Edward Quartermaine, but I digress……… that leaves Patrick??? Max may work but he’s in the mob……….
    the other thing that should ALWAYS be included is a nice scene of togetherness with each couple or family in their home. these GH folks have been in my “family” for 50 years (I’m 59) and it’s like a Christmas visit.
    I love GH – Happy Holidays

  50. Laurie says:

    I would like to see flashbacks from previous years.

  51. James L says:

    would love to see Frisco back for good supporting his daughter

  52. helen demouy says:

    christmas blessing-
    spinellie and elli are at the airport when spinelli hears a voice and a glimpse of georgie.. he doubletakes and remembers the first time they met.. they arrive in portland and the glinpse continues..meanwhile in port charles the mob war is continuing making for twists and turns and lines are drawn in the sand son against father… morgan is pretty confused right now and his loyalities are skrewed and id like to see him make peace with his father,i know that it would need to be something big to make him turn his back on ava and jeromes at this point…im relying on the story to change as juliain begins to trust morgan better and he finds out about the eonnection to jerry jacks and the disappearance of jason..flash to a room where jason is locked up just like carlos was..ironic. i dont want him to come back at this time i just want closure or answers new avenues to explore. i think the relationship of him and molly changed drastcially after the last gun bath and it has changed him because he knows he manipulated the situation…perhaps you could have morgan find out about jason and feel torn…let ava slip and share the informatio to morgan in a drunkin haze after the latest gun battle,or perhaps just put him in jail for shooting TJ…meanwhile robin and patrick try to make it work but the fizz is gone and patrick is in love with sabrina but feels torn and obligated to make it work..meanwhile sabrina is roped in to help carlos heal and morgan and sabrina meet,she won’t give him time of day,she is still wounded from the patrick and her and carlos are history…they both have been hurt by people they loved and trusted…..meanwhile robinsalterego developed by dr ollbrook starts to emerge and we see robin isnn’t all she seems or is she…dr ollbrook has snapped…she was released under the care of her daughter only to realized that faison is gone …robin is now her pawn against anna and duke…duante and lulu talk to maxi about their eggs. and realize that ollbrook took the eggs herself and that lulu was holding her own son just a short moment and didn’t even know it they rush to the island to claim their child where nic gives lulu her litte boy he made britt understand that he really loves her realize that the baby would be safer with duante and lulu,then around her mother.. they could plan leave together quietly later.. i would also like to see micheal and kiki to have a nice quiet christmas together…charliebrownchristmastree type…monica to find peace again with spanki and luke perhaps have a flashback moment of when kids young.. id also like to see the head nurse of GH get something special this year…she has been a good supporting actress for too long so perhaps she could win the mega millions or become a grandma . carly and franco need a baby….yes…they have been mushin for a while and while its a suprize considering carlys age… but bliss no less..and shock francos mother is alive licking her wounds and plotting my gift for maxi is the internet…lol..spinelli set up web cam for maxi’s computer and now she can see the baby everyday…while i uderstand the ruling i think the bond betwee mother and child is also very important and the introduction to web communities would be good advertising..lol it would help devolop maxi’s future role as a mother and her own self esteem.. it will also help spinelli to remain current in some form sam and silas are heating up and with this new twist with ava…that could distroy it all well i hope they can see through the darkness after it is discovered that he helped jason survive in jermones custody… as you can see i rather see new dynamics between the characters we all have come to love, yes i want happiness for them all or ending and new begins but christmas cheer i haven’t got over who has been naughtey or nice yet..

  53. Beverly says:

    My scene would be Maxie falling asleep and being visiting by the three Christmas ghosts. Georgie is the ghost of Christmas past and shows her the ways that her scheming has gotten her into trouble. Spinelli is the ghost of Christmas present and shows her how wonderful a gift she has given him but how sorry he is that she can’t be in her baby’s life. Baby Connie is the ghost of Christmas future (aged to a teenager) and shows Maxie what the baby would be like years from now if she doesn’t have her mother in her life. she awakens and tells everyone what she saw. With the help of her “village” who promise to help her care for Connie they go to the judge who grants Maxie joint custody.

  54. Laurie says:

    Time for Lulu and Dante to get their baby. What better Christmas?

  55. Jayne says:

    I just really would love for Donte and Lulu to get their baby boy from Brit and Nicholas and Brit stay together cause he makes her good.

  56. Patty says:

    Just one word wish for GH JASON! That is all!

  57. Carol says:

    As far as I can remember Monica Quartermaine’s husband Dr. Quartermaine who passed away read to the children Twas the Night Before Christmas at the hospital.

  58. Annamarie says:

    For a christmas show I would like to see Patrick read the story like Doctor Hardy used to do with Robin standing by his side. Having Maxie there with Georgie’s spirit in the room giving her the additional courage to make it through the time she will be separated from her daughter. Have look backs to Christmas past that made this show so special. As mention dying down the mob aspect of the show and to focus more on the hospital because what is the name of the show General Hospital. I have been following this show for over 40 years now and do not want to lose it either. We need to bring good story lines back like it use to have.

  59. Michele says:

    Okay, I have watched since I was old enough to remember. The shows were black and white. I remember Luke and Laura in the beginning. Anyways, I would like to see flashbacks of Steve Hardy too, but I would also like Jason to come back from the dead and there to not only be a love triangle between Sam, Jason, and Silas, but also Carly, Jax and Franco, and also Britt, Nicholas, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth wins out when Britt is killed protecting Nic from her mother. After her mother kills Britt, she finally shows her motherly love and goes insane. Patrick and Robin find themselves expecting, and Sabrina finds happiness with Carlos, who realizes that crime doesn’t compare to his love. Sabrina nurses Carlos back to health and keeps him hidden while she nurses him back to health. I also want to see Sonny in action as the mob boss he is supposed to be. Show us some Tony Soprano in Sonny! His portrayal of a mob boss has been lame!

  60. Katherine Leann Ladd says:

    CHRISTMAS PARTY AT WINDEMERE: Nikolas and Elizabeth standing under the Mistletoe kissing and then he puts an engagement ring on her finger!! Silas and Samantha under more Mistletoe, kissing and then he puts an engagement ring on her finger!! Mac and Felicia, Robert and Alexis, Duke and Anna, Patrick and Sabrina, Sonny and Olivia and the rest of the cast dancing to beautiful music!! Robin watching from afar, because Patrick chose Sabrina!!!!!!!!!!

    Diane sitting with the wounded Max – he awakens and professes his undying love to her – she reaches over and kisses him!!

    What a wonderful scenario and lots of happiness and love!!!!

  61. Dawn Hyre says:

    Hopefully, patrick and robin stay together and have another baby.

  62. tijuana smith says:

    i would love to have it open with robin in bed with patrick. emma runs in to tell her daddy that santa same, then sees her family is back together. she is grinning from ear to ear. :)

    then i would flash over to morgan running into the er to check on max. max recovers and tells morgan that he loves him. diane tells morgan that his father has sacrificed himself to save his son. morgan cries and repents in the chapel, praying about what to do.

    michael goes to the station to see his father, and sonny tells him what happened. maybe he puts him in charge for a while? or asks for his help?

    michael and morgan have yet another explosive confrontation.

    morgan cries (bc he does that well) and teams up with michael to protect the family business. they bury the hatchet and go see dad together. sonny gets to see his sons make up for christmas.

    molly and tj exchange gifts and cuddle after everything that just happened. maybe they decided to get busy on new years? he did almost get shot!

    sam takes danny to have pizza with the q’s for christmas.

    luke and tracy canoodle and aw at baby danny then go see danta and lulu, who are talking about their embryos and luke pledges to help find his missing would be grand kids.

    lulu then goes to visit her various nephews and is shown smiling and daydreaming about a life with a child of her own.

    robert scorpio visits anna in the dept, dressed as santa. they share a moment.

    pan back to corinthos bros moment.

    then pan to pat/rob moment.

    then to carly and joc, opening gifts from jax.

    then back to the q’s with danny and sam, and maybe even silas at that point.

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