A Special 2013 Christmas Episode

What if you were given the opportunity to write your own Y&R Christmas episode and all cast and crew were asked to commit to the moment? What have you always wanted to see in a scene? Or perhaps it’s not a what but a who?

What if you could have anyone star and take the spotlight? How about add a bold twist to your favorite storyline or perhaps create an entirely new one?

We want to give you the opportunity to express yourself – paint your own picture, sit in the driver’s seat! If you were in charge, what would that moment look like? Let’s pause our holiday shopping stress for a second and have a little fun, eh?

Use comments below and let your imagination take over. We only ask that whether it’s a scene, episode or a storyline, you connect it with Christmas.

PS: Who knows, your ideas may stand out and even be considered for future production (;




  1. debbie blizzard says:

    i would love it for phylis to wake up for xmas, and tell everyone what sharon did

  2. Genny Morrow says:

    Billy sitting at his bar drinking and thinking of Delia. First all of the Abbots come in and cheer him up by singing Christmas carols. Then Victoria and all of the Newmans come in and join in. They all put a smile on Billy’s face.

  3. Jarell Harrison says:

    A great Christmas gift would be if Phyllis could come out of her coma and surprise Genoa for Christmas.

  4. Terry Barton says:

    A special Christmas would be for the death of Delia be just a dream and for Phyllis to come out of her coma and finally for Victor to have a heart…

    • Lelia says:

      I agree with that, but I would also like all of them to except Dillion in their family.

    • Pat says:

      I agree with you Terry!…..Phyllis needs to wake up out of her coma… Delia’s death to be a very horrid dream!!!….. As for Dylan we would have to wait on that til it all sinks in…. Victor!!! Well thats a tough one lol… He should have a kinder heart after all it was Tracy Abbott’s late daughter Colleen’s Heart that is beating in Victor’s body!!! Miserable Ole coot should be understanding to Nikki’s situation concerning Dylan… Victor wanted Nikki, Victoria & Nick to accept Adam into the family with open arms… The writers need to do something bout it instead of dragging each storyline on for sooooo long!!!

      • KatieRose50 says:

        And what about Abby? She’s Victor’s kid too! Hes’ expecting Nikki to accept and bring into the family HIS TWO other kids.. she had Dylan when she was what.. 15 or 16? This is NOT fair and Victor messing with Nikki’s will is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS!! I was appalled when I saw what he had done! It wasn’t Dylan’s fault that Nick wants ALL the women he was or almost was married to.. he’s just a woman hoarder!

    • Angie Purgason says:

      I agree with Terry–that was my first IMMEDIATE thought–can we please pretend that Delia’s death was a DREAM and have Billy get up on Christmas and find Delia
      waiting for him downstairs to see what Santa brought. Of course then you would have
      the matter of Connor’s eyes–which could be taken care of through an actual donor,
      like it should have been in the beginning. Bringing Phyllis back would also be awesome–and I would love to have an episode with flashbacks of Christmases past with Mrs C. Please let Jill find out what is up with the Music box!!

    • Lori says:

      I agree

    • Linda says:

      I agree with Terry for Delia’s death me nothing but a dream, and for Phyllis to wake up and come home for Christmas. I am a little sick of the Victor and Jack always trying to up each other it is getting boring. I would like to see Nikki and Dylan to come together as mother and son, also for Jill to find out what is special with the box Mrs.C left her.

      • Bob Hashagen says:

        Have no fears Victor is going to squirm when he learns Ian Ward is not Dylans father but PAUL WILLIAMS is!!! Ian Ward will return and be a bad guy in GC Courtney is undercover GCPD

  5. Tina Teabo says:

    For Phyllis to come out of her coma , and tell people what Sharon did !!!

    • I agree. wake up Phyllis, Victor, try acting like a human. Sharon, first of all get rid of that ugly hair that you sling around. Curls would be nice.. why can’t Adam and Dylan be friends.? Victor is rubbing off on too many people, they are starting to act like him. I assume Nikki thinks she is a queen, her facial expressions and demeaner says that.

  6. I like Phyllis to wake up and come home for Christmas and not tell anyone until the day after Christmas about Sharon. Also I would love it if Vickie tells Billy onChristmas eve that she is having their baby.

    • Lelia says:

      yes, I agree, but I would like it if Phyllis had a heart and not tell anyone that Sharon did that. That it just got mixed up at the hospital and they will take another blood test and she will really be Jacks’ daughter.

      • Lisa says:

        I wish Phyliss would wake up too. The truth from Sharon needs to come out too. And Adam who killed Dee Dee.

        • KatieRose50 says:

          I feel for Adam. He had no idea he hit a child. He thought it was the dog that he just bumped. He stopped. He didn’t see her. But he should have come forward to start with, but I am happy that he and Chelsea are getting back together and Connor can see.. but I agree it should all be a dream.. Adam and Chelsea had Connor together, Dylan and Avery got back together, Delia’s death was a dream, and everyone takes Dylan into the family… and Phyllis wakes up and they have to retake the test to show that Summer is actually Nicks. and he stops wanting every wife and girlfriend he ever had.. he’s beginning to make me sick! Victor will NEVER get a heart even though the heart he has came from a poor child. but life sucks and this will be someone’s dream.. then everything will go back to the way it actually is. But Victor has no room to talk about Nikki being Dylan’s mom. He needs to welcome him into the family the same way she did both is other kids..

        • I wish they would find someone else to come forward and be the hit run driver instead of adam. he is trying to turn his life around and now u want to remove him from the soap in jan.thats badHe has been crapped on from day one. lets change this around…

          • HEDY KRISTEN says:

            Bring back Phyllis & let the truth come out about Summer. Bring back ROMANCE & EXCITEMENT & SCANDAL. Let Billy & Victoria have a BABY of their own. VICTOR is VICTOR that is why we love him, but he is not on enough anymore, miss that. Dont like the new ABBY nor the story-line with LAUREN, MICHAEL & FEN so BORING. Let SHARON find someone very rich & powerful & totally stay away from NICK and let Nick do something interesting, besides having the Underground or both?? Please give NIKKI a new HAIRSTYLE. Now we get to the most important, interesting part of your show. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEEP OUR ADAM & GROOM HIM FOR THE NEXT VICTOR NEWMAN & LET ADAM & CHELSEA & THEIR PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY BE HAPPY FOR A WHILE, HE IS & WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST. HIS ACTING AS ADAM IS ABOVE & BEYOND PERFECTION…………Let Victor & Jack continue their power struggle, Jack has no interesting story-line at the moment.

  7. Robin Luby says:

    I would love for Jack to bring Phyliss home and have her there for Christmas morning as a gift to Summer and for Summer to know who her real dad is.. I want Billy to reach out to Victoria and not another woman, I want Johnny to say Daddy and bring Billy happiness. I want Chloe to be pregnant now. I want the cops to find out it WASN’T Adam who hit Delia, hasn’t he been the bad guy enough. And I also would like them to stop finding all these long lost kids. Lastly I wish Mrs C was here.

    • Ro says:

      Me too. I’m so tired of them breaking up couples who are good together. Leave Billy & Victoria alone. Let Adam and Chelsea get back together and stay that way. Kevin and Chloe get back together and have a baby. It’s time to focus on the younger generation and let the older generation help them through their problems.

    • Beth says:

      I agree with Robin… let Adam be innocent, Chloe be pregnant, everyone accept Dylan as Niki’s son and get along… Victor find a heart. Adam, Chelsea be back together Phyliss come home on Christmas eve and Sharon get hers…. Summer and Nick learn the truth and Jack is ok.

    • Lelia says:

      I so agree!!

    • i too want phyllis to wake up say yes to jack, tell summer the truth about nick really being her father and get rid of sharon!!!!!!!!!!! and as a christmas miracle chloe and kevin get back together, expecting a child! and for goodness sake clear all the baldwin’s off carmine’s murder, let them live!!!!!!!!!!

      • KatieRose50 says:

        Carmine’s NOT DEAD!!! You not figure that out yet? lol! the guy that did the autopsy wasn’t even from the coroners office in Genoa City! then all of a sudden he’s gone? Yeah.. with CARMINE! Who do you think keeps calling Lauren and not saying anything?

        • Jan says:

          KatieRose thats what I think too. Carmine isnt dead. I wish Phyllis would wake up and expose Sharon, then Nick will really hate her. And keep Adam on the show so he and Chelsea can be together.

    • jackie says:

      I agree- Adam may NOT have hit Delia-after all-we never actually saw him-hit her- I, also wuld like for it to have been a dream- Y&R is getting too dark for my liking-and I no longer like Victor–he does despicable things and gets away with it–but is the first person to destroy good people when they do something he doesn’t like–or he thinks they are not good enough for his family —-Billy, Dylan etc..etc..etc. so wish the heart he was given would eliminate all his meanness and being so judgemental.

    • I agree100 percent

  8. Sue Ann Muse says:

    I would to see Phyllis to wake up and tell the truth about Summer.

  9. Ro says:

    For Genoa PD to find the person who really hit Delia (and it’s not Adam). I really wanted it to all be a bad dream, but the idiot who wrote those episodes has made that impossible. I’d like for Phyllis to wake up from her coma and expose Sharon. The Newmans’ and the Abbotts’ to come together and celebrate Christmas as a family.

  10. Debbie says:

    I would like to see Victor have a stroke and can’t talk and all the kids take over, including Adam and Dylan. All work together with Jack and make business ROCK. Have Phyllis wake up and kick butt with Sharon. Make Victoria pregnant and Chloe and Kevin get married again on New Years. Let’s make it juicy and have someone have a fling with someone.


  12. Jessica says:

    I would love for phyllis to wake up and tell everyone what sharon did, and for Adam and Chelsea, Chloe and Kevin be together and for Lilly to be free of cancer. I would also like for them to find Delia’s killer and not be adam. Finally I would love for michael, Lauren and Fin to be a family and find out whats going on with carmine’s case. It would also be amazing if kevin and chloe have a child together!

  13. joan says:

    I would have Adam wake up from his scrooge like dream. Delia would be alive and all was just a bad dream. He would change his ways and all would be well.

  14. Sandeelee says:

    Phyllis to walk into the Abbott’s livingroom on Christmas Day, Definitely Adam and Chelsea get married. Victor for once admitting he is wrong about something! Hillary leaving Genoa City along with Mason

  15. carla sebastian says:

    I would love to hear that Y&R executives worked things out with Billy Miller (Billy) , and that he was staying on the Young and the restless . Viewers will never except David Tom as Billy . He did not do the character justice , when he created the roll . And they bring him back again . NOT , a good idea . Billy , (Billy Miller) is one of the viewers favorite characters . Y&R better wake up , and quit making stupid decisions , or Y&R will be a faded memory .

  16. Mae says:

    I would like for Billy to be sleeping and have little Delia shaking him awake saying. :”Daddy, daddy.” Billy sits up he has sweat pouring out of him and he realizes that the last couple of months was a horrible nightmare and he hugs little DD tight and a tear falls down his cheek.
    He promises to more careful where his family is concerned.

  17. Angie Hernandez says:

    Well, ideally Red needs to come back and expose Sharon, that will make for a Merry Christmas for Summer and all the Newmans, this should take place Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day Phyliss and Jack decide to get married, despite losing Summer again. Victor sees that he won’t have another Holiday without his Children and extends an open invitation to have Adam and Dylan join them. Adam chooses to stay away and celebrates with his family. Unfortunately Dylan is not ready to bond with Nicki and joins Avery at the Abbott celebrations. Delia’s death is not a dream, too complicated to fix that. Connor would not have her eyes,blah, blah etc…. Adam is not the killer. Carmine is not dead and in fleeing fron being found out, he ran over Delia! Paul is hot on the trail! Jill finally gets answers from the Duchess, Neil and Leslie get engaged, Lily shares the good news, and baby makes 5. Mason screws up and Devon is grateful and thanks Hilary for the warning. Sharon and Casey spend xmas together!

  18. michele p. says:

    For the producers of Y & R to rethink letting Billy Miller go!!! I’m just heartsick that he’s being replaced.

  19. carleen says:

    I want DE DE back make it be all a dream. Thats what I want for Christmas special!!!!!! Still not over that

  20. phyliss to wake up and tell about sharon, dehlia’s death a dream, stitch to be nikki’s son, victor not be such an a** all the time, nick and avery back together, dylan and sharon together even though she would some how be the hit and run driver if it wasn’t a dream. victor and jack to be trapped with somewhere isolated because who is really tired of them?

  21. Velma says:

    I think bringing Red back is in the works anyway…so I think focusing on Billy and Victoria is the way to go.. I don’t like this Kelly woman always being there for him and I see trouble in the works. What I would like to see is for him to get over it and move on. I know it is hard but seriously dude…enough already. A focus on the future for the entire cast to be positive and full of love would be great. The true reason for the season! Bring back Ashley, expose Mason, let Nicki and Dylan bond in some form, and have Sharon tell the truth for once in her life.

  22. Angela Smith says:

    I want to see Phyllis come out of the coma even if they have to recast! This would open up a whole new demension. Her character is needed badly!!!

  23. natalie says:

    first off..remember that one time billy was drunk and all those bad things happened..but didn’t really? well like that again only with delia..ending up not really being dead at all..cuz that messed this show up bad..so have spirits or something I don’t know..make it all a big bad dream and bring delia back !!

  24. There is so much but the main thing have Phyllis wake up and out Sharon! Newman’s need to accept Adam and Dylan! Adam and Chelsea to be together. Kevin and Chloe need to have a kid. Not let Billy and Victoria have affairs which I’m afraid is going to happen. Find out who really hit Dee Dee and Victor stop acting like he has nothing wrong and playing King! Just let it out that Carbine is still alive. Oh and I wish they weren’t replacing Billy but it’s too late. I’m glad they got rid of Kyle though!

  25. Gislene Dempsey says:

    I would like to develop a storyline around Lily’s cancer scare. I think it would be nice to bring her mother, Drucilla (Drew) back from the dead. As I recall, Drew’s body was never recovered from the accident, therefore, perhaps she did not die. Perhaps she suffered severe head trauma (amnesia) and after several years of research, drug trials and therapy she has finally begun to get her memory back. It might be that Lily’s mother could provide bone marrow to help cure her daughter’s rare form of cancer. It would be a great time to reunite mother and daughter (and dad) for a whole new family dynamic. The re-appearance of her bio father would add to the storyline. Two scenarios come to mind: 1. Drew has been institutionalized all these years under a doctor’s care and is beginning to regain memory of her past life. 2. Drew has been living in another State/Country under a different identity and has a new family. Perhaps Lily, with her rare form of cancer, puts an ad, with a family photo, on tv looking for her estranged father, to test for a bone-marrow match. In the meantime, a friend of Drew’s recognizes her picture on the tv ad, tells Drew. Drew then investigates and is re-united with Lily.

  26. Nick and Sharon kiss as snow starts to fall.

  27. Samantha says:

    I woould find it interesting if the used john abbott and mrs c and maybe cassie as a twist on the scrogg thing on a few of the charcters in genoa city . And make adam a guy guy for a change. billy to have somewhat get a better preception on greif and start to get on with his life he and victoria to end up lregnant and victorr to back down on the newman abbott fued for abby to settle down with tyler. and dylan to experience. the christmas ghkst and come to terms with his new family identity. and nick and sharon to get back together already for him to see cassie and for phyllis to wake up.

  28. Fade In. Living room – Chancellor Estate. Empty and quiet. Camera backs out front door and rises into the air. Continues back until we see all of Genoa City lit up at night, ready for the holiday.

    View changes into glass image with Genoa City behind it. It is revealed Genoa City is in a snowglobe and is held by Chuckie, he places the globe down and joins Snapper in the dining room of the Foster home.

  29. ROZ says:

    The best Xmas gift for me re firer Michael AKA Adam Newman I know he pissed ppl off at Sony n CBS but, just talk to him tell him you , Cant piss ppl off and the next you will be fired ……….. No one can play that part better then Michael I am done watching the show , Now that Billy gone n Adam too . there no reason to watch it i have benn watching it for 35 years I am done now lets see you rateing go down ………….. Bad move sorry to say

  30. Michele says:

    Victor should be visited by the ghost of Christmas future and realize that Victoria and Billy will be together always. He wakes and goes to find Billy, whom he embrases and helps with his grief. Phyllis wakes up and comes back to town just in time for Christmas but will wait until after the holidays to tell Summer, Nick and Jack the truth.

  31. Janice says:

    I would like Sharon to see Phylis , like she see her death daughter. Then tell Nick the true about Summer.

    • David says:

      Phyllis to wake up and expose Sharon. and for Jill to have a really good storyline for a change, can’t wait and see what Colin will do. And would love for Sheila to pop back up….

  32. Melissa says:

    For Dru to finally come back to spice things up with Neil’s storyline and so he can finally be with his true love. And then she can help Lily work through her cancer and help Sharon with her problems. And for Sharon to come clean on her own to Nick and for them to work through that without meddling Phyllis who has never paid for anything ever. For someone else to be responsible for Delia and for Adam…and I do mean the real Adam not whoever these jerks want to replace him with…to be able to be with Chelsea and Connor. The Newman’s accepting both Adam and Dylan. And I guess for Phyllis to get up and be with Jack…but mostly just to see her and Dru duke it out…with Dru winning obviously! Mrs. C flashbacks for everyone! That’s all for now…but mostly, I’d like completely new writers to fix the damage that the past few have done over the last several years, and a new Exec Producer!

  33. Barb says:

    I would like the Y&R to pick up the pace! Lets get rolling and let the show blossom, Phyllis needs to wake up and spill the beans on Xmas day, Adam needs to find out he didn’t really kill Delia although it looks like he did, Jill needs a super surprise from Kay with this jewellery box, Nikki and Dylan need to forgive and forget and unit as mother and son! Victor needs to chill and quit being so obnoxious!

  34. Kim Thornton says:

    I think the idea that Dee Dee is still alive and the last two months were just a nightmare Billy was having would be great.
    This is how I would write it: It’s Christmas morning and Dee Dee is telling from downstairs that Santa really came…Victoria runs downstairs with Johnny and find Dee Dee by the tree all smiles. Billy is sitting upstairs on the bed not believing what he’s hearing. He stumbles down the stairs to see Dee Dee running towards him. He sits on the stairs crying as he hugs her. When calls Chloe she can’t understand why he is so upset because she tells him that she dropped Dee Dee off last night and she was fine….flash forward to Summer sitting by her Moms bed. Summer is crying laying her head on Phyllis when Phyllis lefts her arm and strokes Summers hair. Summer looks up and Phyllis is smiling at her….after many hugs and Summer calling Nick and Jack Phyllis starts to tells her what happened the night of the accident…when Summer’s phone rings and she is distracted by Victor telling her that Nikki is in the hospital and he needs her to come home right away. Summer tries to tell Victor about Phyllis and when he won’t listen she hangs up on him. CLIFFHANGER: Phyllis starts to tell Summer again what happened just as Sharon walks into the room holding a gun.

  35. Steve says:

    that the actor who plays adam did not get “let go” thats my xmass wish

  36. Sandeelee says:

    My Xmas wish…..Bring YR back to life. Get rid of Hillary, Mason and put a smile on Summer’s face. Summer needs her mama. Victor needs that chip on his shoulder knocked off. Bring Michael Muhney back NOW I could go on but I’ll stop.

  37. teresa cole says:

    yes, Phyllis to return, Sharon’s lie be revealed. Adam to keep his job and be free from delia death, I would like also for it to have just been a dream sad to kill off a child especially to Klohee who only had the one child, but then connor needs to have a donor from another source., another solution would be for Kevin and Kloee to have their own child, that would be awesome, I think Carmine is really not dead since the autopsy report is questionable.

  38. Jean Rufft says:

    Phillis wakes up, . Lilly does not have cancer. Victor finds his heart and . Gives Nickie son a chance. Jill Finley finds out what Katherine was trying to tell her. The music box has gone on long enough get on with it. How about a little happy. When COLLIN COMES BACK it is going to get crazy. I don’t see why they would bring that troll back to begin with. To many characters mucks up the story line. Druggies, drunks, every body out to get every body. Chill out a little. It’s THE YOUNG AND RESTLESS , . THE OLD AND DREADFUL. A LITTLE HAPPY, HAPPY PLEASE .AND leave all the actos from the other soaps where they are. There is no need for them to filtered in and crowd out the Y&R actors out.
    Merry Christmas.and Happy New year of better writhing.

  39. Susie says:

    I agree about Phyllis waking up and telling everyone about Sharon. Also Victor needs to leave Nikki & Dylan alone! Victor’s past isn’t anything to write home about thats for sure. I like the idea about Deliah’s death being just a dream! They never should of wrote her out! I still say they definitely need a new writer for Y & R. Adam shouldn’t be let go! He is a super actor!

  40. Betty Crowther says:

    Let phyllis wake up and nail Sharon for what she has done.

  41. Sharen Lenhart says:

    I would have Phyllis wake up and not fire Muhney and have all the viewers watching the cast of the show standing around the Center of town by a BIG Christmas tree while Jill Farren Phelps Is handed her walking papers and a lump of coal while the casting is singing Christmas songs.

  42. Kathy says:

    It’s not the same Phyllis. So who cares. Billy’s leaving. Adam got fired. I really don’t give a rats ass anymore. Give us a real Christmas and get rid of the writers.

    • Sharen Lenhart says:

      I know it’s not the same Phyllis. I just miss worded the point that I wanted Phyllis back and the other Phyllis to be fired.

  43. carol says:

    I on the other hand,would love to see Nichole Newmans’ sister come home for the holidays..I would love to see Nikki full of Joy…

  44. Mart Clements says:

    I would like for Phyllis to wake up, tell that Sharon switched the paternity test and for Sharon to deny it. Everyone thinks Phyllis is crazy because of a head injury. Then they have another test and it shows Summer is Jack’s daughter. Changing the paternity test was a figment of Sharon’s delusional mind, the same way Cassie was a figment of her delusional mind. It never happened ans Summer is still Jack’s daughter

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