A Special 2013 Christmas Episode

What if you were given the opportunity to travel back in time, write your own Andy Griffith Show Christmas episode and all cast and crew were asked to commit to the moment? What have you always wanted to see in a scene? Or perhaps it’s not a what but a who?

What if you could have anyone star and take the spotlight? How about add a bold twist to your favorite storyline or perhaps create an entirely new one?

We want to give you the opportunity to express yourself – paint your own picture, sit in the driver’s seat! If you were in charge, what would that moment look like? Let’s pause our holiday shopping stress for a second and have a little fun, eh?

Use comments below and let your imagination take over. We only ask that whether it’s a scene, episode or a storyline, you connect it with Christmas.

PS: Who knows, your ideas may even be considered for future production (;




  1. Danny says:

    I would like to see a Mayberry Christmas music celebration. Rafe, the Darlings, Andy, the Choir, a reuniting of the barbershop quartet, Peg, plus many others (Barney on a dead mic!). It could be a spectacular evening of music and, back in the day, it could still be Christmas music!

  2. Jean Smith says:

    I don’t think you can redo any episode and make it better. I would rather watch them just the way they are.

  3. Kathy Brafford says:

    Let the episodes be-each one was precious, they can’t be improved on.

  4. Alyson says:

    Each resident of Mayberry is so unique and so real to all of us who grew up sharing their lives and adventures on a daily basis.Barney,Andy,Opie,Aunt Bee,Gomer,Ernest T. Bass,the Darlin’s…These were members of our family.People we know well and love.Some things cannot be remade.You would dishonor the memory of each and every one of the cast members!Those people came together and created magic!Leave it alone!

  5. Danny says:

    If you read the directions closely, it says you have a time machine that would let you do a Christmas episode with the original members. I agree that to do it today would be no good, but you have to play with their premise!

  6. Kathy says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, Danny. On that premise, I would have to say — whenever I think of The Show and Christmas, I pop in my “The Christmas Story” DVD. It’s the 11th episode of the first season. I couldn’t even begin to write a scene, episode or storyline of my own. That episode is PERFECTION and I wouldn’t be able to not think about it. Then too, I’m no good at stuff like this!

  7. Larry says:

    How about an episode where Andy was reminiscing when Opie was born and they could show Opie’s mom and how she died. And Barnie and Gomer could be there as well.

  8. romeo says:

    you know and I know (barney) and (Thelma lou ) should have been married on the show,my wishwould be for a mayberry high school reunion at Christmas where they reunited and barney becoming mayor to andy in mayberry , wow what a way to close the door.

  9. LaDonna Grace Bowman says:

    I would love to see the whole cast in one Christmas episode!! Maybe including “how” Opie was born on Christmas and sadly she passed away telling little Opie “how” he was going to do “great and good things” during his life!! Learning to love aunt Bea and ALL of Andy’s friends!! The impact his “pa” would have in his life and how “pa” would eventually learn to love again. The ending would be a simple lesson of goodness, the way the shows ALWAYS ended!! I’ve grown up with Andy I’m now 52 yrs. Old!! I watch on tv and own the DVD series!! I NEVER grow tired of the episodes, but my personal favorite….The Christmas Story!! Good luck and may God lead and bless you!! LaDonna Grace Bowman

  10. LaDonna Grace Bowman says:

    Meant to say how sadly Opies ma passed away.

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