A Possible Flashback

In a recent interview, the Game of Thrones producers said that they didn’t want to use any dream sequences, any prophecies, and any flashbacks. But since we have seen both the dreams and the prophecies, why wouldn’t the trifecta be completed and have flashbacks too?

And the 5th season of Game of Thrones will bring those too. What will be said next in this article are just suppositions, based on the books and on the new actors announced for the show.

We know that a young Cersei has been already cast, and we also know that Lena Headey has already walked the walk of shame (which will be seen in the 5th season). So it is only natural to presume that the flashbacks the producers announced will concern her, in her youth, sometime when she was aspiring to be a queen.

If we add to what we know already the rumor that Maggy the Frog will also appear, we have a good idea of what will be seen in the flashback. In her youth, Cersei visited Maggy the Frog, who foretold that she will become the queen (so it will be a combo of sorts, since it will be a prophecy within a flashback).

But Maggy also tells Cersei that she will fall from grace when another younger and more beautiful woman will come.

Now we all know that Margaery Tyrell was already set to become the new queen (at least when Joffrey Baratheon was still alive), and we also know that she has never stopped from following her dreams, no matter what difficulties arose (as we can see in the scene in which she invites her brother to jump-start her husband Renly Baratheon).

Hearing the prophecy and not being pleased at all, young Cersei threw a potion on the face of Maggy, which lead to the witch cursing the future queen.

As said, these are all suppositions, but there is a strong possibility that Margaery Tyrell will bring the downfall of Cersei. It remains to be seen if this happens at all and if the flashbacks which were announced will be about this.

As far as we are concerned, it would be interesting to see on the small screen how Cersei began her road to being as ruthless as she is. Even more, it would be interesting to see where this meeting between her and Maggy took place.

Maybe the story-line from the books will be respected and we will see King Aerys II.

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