A More Mature Maximista?

The past year has been chalk full of drastic changes to our beloved General Hospital, and for good reason, too. With the announcements made of the cancellations of other soaps required General Hospital writers to really examine the show and the story lines and create a “new” show that not only satisfied the current audience, but also could bring over fans from former soaps, as well.

The Glory Days

Gone are the days of gun wars, mobsters, and drug lords, so it seems to be. And in place of those stories are more relatable narratives…mental disorders, biological parental conflicts, etc. In a world where the vast majority of television seems to be low-budget reality shows, the realisms of General Hospital may not be the most creative story lines, but they do the trick and strike a chord with many viewers. Dante and Lulu being unable to conceive is not only the perfect example of relatability to real life, but its heartbreaking.

Maxie Jones

Has this character grown or what? I believe this character has evolved significantly. Maxie was always the girl you loved to hate. Blonde, beautiful, independent, and fierce, she was the epitome of who I always wished I could be. Although Maxie was also a selfish, spoiled brat, there was something about her that you just knew was deeper than the eye could see. I could never place my finger on it exactly, although the writers brought it out in bits and pieces during certain times (Georgie’s death, Robin’s post partum depression, etc), we never really did see the full potential of Maxie Jones. What we have seen was Maxie seducing married Lucky Spencer, luring him to her bed by feeding his drug addiction, faking a pregnancy in attempt to keep Lucky away from Elizabeth; Maxie placing a bet with Lulu’s former boyfriend, the late Logan Hayes (also son of Scott Baldwin) with the prize being Maxie herself; and Maxie toying with Spinelli’s heart for years, jerking him around falling in and out of love with him and Matt Hunter, making it a game in which the only person who could possibly come out ahead and still relatively sane was again, Maxie herself.

Becoming a surrogate mother for her best friend really shows the audience that Maxie isn’t the same brat she was not even a full year ago. Maxie’s surrogacy could really be the start of a new and much more mature character for General Hospital. Its certainly relatable to the audience. And this is daytime drama at its best. But what about Olivia’s premonition? It boggles the mind to try to figure out what THAT could be all about…but again, its prime daytime and the exact reason viewers keep watching! What are your thoughts?


  1. Renee Henderson says:

    I love the show. The writers are talented at how they go with the stories every week, Keep up the awesome work. Congrats on the milestone in April 1, 2013. 50 Years of General Hospital is a real accomplishment all these years. Plus all the actors that have been on the show since it first premiered. Keep up the good work.

  2. shamika says:

    I want spanell n max to b together n I just didn’t get y Olivia saw the baby as something else r do I cause I think lulu them gone probably have they own baby n where that leaves max stuck with twins r triplets we’ll see

  3. Mary says:

    This show is so great.I love it so much.The actors are all great.Please keep General Hospital on the air.Don’t let General Hospital leave the air.Please can I have some autographs.Love you all.

  4. beau says:

    i love – aj and mike, very nice they are getting close. what a good direction this is taking. im even thinking sam and aj should get close. how perfect would that be. spenelli and ellie. they are very cute together for now. maxie is awesome but she lost her turn. maybe later in life like she says. i hate – sonny, hes an idiot that cant even learn his line so he sounds stupid. johnny and connie, lame. johnny needs to tell starr. duke, yuck not my favorite character. other than that, good show. hope gh stays forever….

  5. SHARON says:

    I have been watching GH since it started way back when. Love the story lines except the following. Kate and her double, Duke story line is stupid. We need Robin back. Upset Jason is gone and if being replaced will be big shoes to fill for sure. Maxie and Spinelli need to be together. Johnny needs to come clean. I fast forward when Kate come on as her evil other.

  6. Terri says:

    I love GH…I am 45 years old and have been watching since I was a child…(my grandma was a big GH fan) although the show has had its ups and downs I never stopped watching or threatened to stop watching. I am loving all of the current storylines. I think Maxi should stay Maxi though because that is who her character is but it is a great way to show her adult/unselfish side. I love how they melded GH and OLTL together now just figure out a way to introduce a couple AMC characters in and then you have an ABC super soap…maybe make it a 90 minute show…can you imagine the backers on that??? But keep GH GH though. Don’t get rid of the amazing history this soap has…No reality soap can ever replace Daytime TV…I know I don’t watch them because it’s not the same…it doesn’t draw the same emotion a well scripted daytime drama has to offer. Just my opinion. Don’t fix what isn’t broken and improve on what is. Keep up the good work to the powers that be.

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