A Happy Burst Of Chaos

I Love Lucy was an immediate sensation as soon as it debuted on television. Perfectly fitting those days’ requirements (as far as the TV shows are concerned), the series abounded with domestic images, in which the family and the home were at the center.

The viewers wanted to see these things, and I Love Lucy provided.

However, the concept was not at all an unfamiliar or original one, since the above mentioned topics were approached from an autobiographical point of view: a family reunited in front of the camera. It was a rather a distorted image, but it still talked about the same traditional values.

So what was it that made the show different and made it achieve a cult status? Each episode can be seen from a conservative point of view, in which the woman is taught that she shouldn’t question normality, and that she shouldn’t try to upset the given social order: Lucy is a housewife and, no matter how hard she tries, she will never be more than that.

However, the real reason why I Love Lucy was so successful lies elsewhere and it wasn’t the way each episode proved that she couldn’t make it. The success came from the chaotic bursts with which Lucy wanted to become something else: and, since I said that these were chaotic attempts, I can also say that her own personality was the one that prevented her from succeeding.

Nonetheless, this also comes to say yet again that the conservative manner in which some people watched the show was a flawed one. While Lucy is tamed by the ending of each episode, the same outbursts occur each and every episode.

And this means that Lucy was like a force of nature that couldn’t be detained. It was just an illusion that she was defeated.

As a conclusion, I can say that sometimes chaos can lead to wonderful things – and I am not talking just about I Love Lucy. Even more, I can say that every one of us should take sometimes a leap of faith and see where it takes us.

And if we end up in the same place, it doesn’t matter – at least we tried, at least we proved we had the courage to jump. We will do it again!

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