A Girl Named Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking

“Pippi Longstocking”

A young, very strong Swedish girl with sassy red braids sticking out on either side of her head – that’s Pippi Longstocking.

Pippi Longstocking is a fictional girl around 9 years old who is beloved by children everywhere.

Her father Ephraim Longstocking is the captain of Hoptoad, a sailing ship.  Pippi lives at Villa Villekulla.  Her father bought the home to give Pippa some stability instead of always sailing.  She, however, loves life aboard ship and has tales of their many adventures.

After her father is presumed lost a sea Pippi takes up residence at the villa with her monkey and horse – no adults.  She has a bag of gold coins so she is independent financially.  She also has a chest of drawers which holds her treasured objects.

Living next door to Pippi is the Settergren family.  The two children Annika and Tommy become best friends with Pippi.  Their mother disapproves of this friendship looking down on Pippi because of her lack of education, her less than perfect manners and her lack of adult supervision.  In time she realizes Pippi will never bring any harm to her children and learns to accept her.

Captain Longstocking is washed up on a small island in the South Seas.  The native people made him their fat white chief.  He returns to Sweden to bring Pippi to the island, but by now she is firmly involved with her new friends and her life at the villa.  Instead Pippi and Annika and Tommy take trips with the Captain aboard his ship.  Pippi does visit her father at his island home where she is named a princess as daughter of the fat white chief.

Pippi is so strong she is able to lift a horse.  Probably the only person who is equally as strong is her father.  Pippi is also a sailor as competent as most of the crew on her father’s ship.

Pippi is seen as kind and friendly and someone who will stand up for victims of bullying.  She is very loyal to her friends.   Conversely, Pippi is also not always trustworthy and she is known to exaggerate a good deal.

Adults have problems with her irreverence.  Children are drawn to her.  She has become a symbol of someone who believes in herself and has no use for silly adult rules.  She puts forth the idea that girls are just as strong, smart and independent as boys.  Perhaps adults take Pippi too seriously – children know sometimes she is just being silly.

Whatever your take on Pippi Longstocking she has brought many hours of fun to several generations of young people both through the books in which she is featured and through her movies.


  1. tonya La Live says:

    I Love me some good old fashion PIPPI,she is the bomb,also VERY STRONG and WISE,SMART that’s my girrrl

  2. elizabeth says:

    She is someone who believes in herself. She gave me inspiration as a kid. Love her!

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