A Few Things You May Not Have Known About Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was one heck of a show! There are millions of fans all around the world who loved this show and were so sad to see it go off-the-air after only a few seasons. Although it ran out after only five seasons, the show was a huge hit while it was on-air. Because there are so many fans of the show, there are many people who know a lot about the show. Test your knowledge of the show and the cast by reading more.

No Acting Classes?

Aaron Paul, or otherwise known as Jess Pinkman on the show actually never had any acting classes at all. He would just tell himself to pretend to be someone else. He would just keep telling himself, ‘that’s all there is to it.’ Well, that apparently worked well for him because he played the role of Jess Pinkman very well!

Blue Dye?

Because the show was so successful and it was all about drugs, drug dealers actually started using blue dye in their drugs before selling them to ‘brand’ the ‘product.’

Power Rangers!

Bryan Cranston, also known as ‘Walter White’ was actually the evil twin man in the ‘Power Rangers’ almost 20 years before ‘Breaking Bad’ started. Not only this but Bryan also found out years later that one of the Power Rangers, Billy Cranston, was actually named after him. Wonder if it was the blue one?

No Jesse?

Jesse Pinkman almost didn’t make it past episode 9 of season one because they were going to kill him off. However, because of the 2007-08 writers’ strike, thankfully this did not happen to him. The show wouldn’t have been nearly as good without him. Thank you Breaking Bad writers!

Finale Tattoo

On the last day of filming for the final season, Bryan Cranston got a Breaking Bad tattoo on the inside of his finger in honor of it. What a way to go out with a bang!

Knowing there are so many die-hard fans of the show, did anyone know any of these cool facts?


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