A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston played Walter White on the hit show, Breaking Bad. Walter was a high school teacher at first and turned into one of the biggest meth kingpins there was in town. On the show, the reason he turned into a meth maker and dealer was because he was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to have money put back for his family after he was gone. He did all of this for his family!

Bryan Cranston was born on March 7th, 1956 in Canoga Park, California. Although there are plenty of fans of the show and of him, they might not know some of these interesting facts about the man who played Walter White, the kingpin meth dealer.

He was a Carny at one Time

Although he earned a two year degree in police science, he didn’t get his first job as a police officer. Instead, he and his brother took off and traveled for a bit. That is, until they ran out of money and needed to take on odd jobs to earn something to live on for a bit. Because of this, they ended up taking a job as a fair carny operating the game booths. Although he could have been promoted to running the rides and could have earned more money, he stuck with the game booths until they quit working there and went on their way with their hard earned money.

Shares Name with Blue Power Ranger

The blue Power Ranger ended up getting Cranston’s last name. This isn’t a coincidence either. In 2008, he told IGN that he took extra odd jobs by doing voiceovers for different foreign movies and television shows. He actually worked for the same company who produced the Power Rangers. Because of this, they took his last name and gave it to the blue Power Ranger.

A Really Creative Gift Giver

Because he wanted to find something inventive and creative for his wife’s birthday in the late 90s, he decided to write her a screenplay instead of buying flowers or jewelry for her like most men do. His wife liked it so much she asked him when he was going to turn the play into a movie. He wasn’t going to at first but decided to after his wife talked him into it. The movie, ‘Last Chance’ came out in 1999 and he not only wrote and played in it but he also directed and produced it. That is really cool!

Hey there fans of Bryan Cranston, did you know any of these interesting facts about him?



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