A Few Little Known Fun Facts About The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show aired between 1960 and 1968. It was a fun classic comedy about a few people from a little town called Mayberry in North Carolina. The main character was Andy who was not only a widower but the sheriff of the small town. He lived with his son, Opie and his aunt Bee and with hardly any crimes to solve since there were no crimes in this small, peaceful town, Andy had a little too much time on his hands and was basically using it to keep his deputy cousin, Barney out of trouble. If you were a die-hard fan then there really isn’t much you don’t know about the show. However, here are some cool and fun facts some of you may not have heard yet.

A spin-off of another show?

Did you know that The Andy Griffith Show was actually a spin-off of The Danny Thomas Show? That’s right, while The Danny Thomas Show ran its course on-air before The Andy Griffith Show came to be, it featured a funny gas attendant played by Jim Nabors. The Danny Thomas Show actually received better ratings that its mother show, The Andy Griffith Show.

Andy Griffith Owned Half of the Show Himself

Did you know that Andy Griffith owned half of the show himself? Before the show started after The Danny Thomas Show ran its course and was done, Andy Griffith agreed to play ‘Andy’ on the show and actually landed himself half ownership of it. Cool!

Authentic Southern Accent

Of all the people who worked on the crew and the cast of the show, Mr. Griffith was the only one who truly had a southern accent.

Aunt Bee wasn’t so friendly off-camera

During documentaries taken about the show, Andy revealed that the actress who played Aunt Bee, Frances Bavier wasn’t much of a supporting cast member like others on the show were. She complained a lot, according to Mr. Griffith. She would complain about the writing of the script and would carry on like a diva. The producers didn’t like her or her attitude very much either.

Although there are a lot of fans out there, did anyone know any of these cool facts?



  1. Wayne Noah says:

    I really loved the Andy Griffith show. I still watch the re-runs even today. All though I have seen every episode at least 3 or 4 times I will still watch them. I would love to see a new show based on the same family, maybe in a different town.

  2. Mark says:

    Best show ever !

  3. JACKIE KEY says:

    HELLO! I enjoy your TAGS fun facts very much, However, the statement that Andy was the ONLY person with a southern accent isnt exactly correct. Jim Nabors, who played Gomer, was from Sylacauga ,Alabama. Also George Lindsey, who played Goober, was from my own home town of Jasper, Alabama.. My mother in law was friends with his mother. So Jim and George both were from Alabama and from my recollection, both talked with a southern accent. Just wanted to mention this, I could be wrong, and if I am wrong I apologize. But all in all I love the posts you have here and want to thank you for the wonderful memories you give us!

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