A Few Little Known Facts About Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is the man behind the ‘Madea’ costume. He is not just the creator of ‘Madea’ but is ‘Madea.’ Since the inception of  this funny, yet older character by Mr. Perry, there have been many ‘Madea’ films made. She is a hilarious older lady that will make you laugh until you cry!

Although there are many Tyler Perry and ‘Madea’ fans who might already know everything there is to know about Mr. Perry and his alter ego, there might be some things you all don’t know about him yet.

He and his mother were beaten by his father

Tyler has confessed to CNN that until he turned 19-years-old and had gotten away from his father, he was beaten as a child. His mother was abused by the man too. She took him and his sisters away one time until his father reported the car stolen and put the entire family in jail. When he came and picked them up, he beat his mother all the way home. Tyler also said, who was born with the name Emmitt Perry Jr but had changed the name to put a distance between him and his father,  he had tried to commit suicide two times and was even homeless at one point. However, religion got him through the horrific ordeal.

How did he get his start?

Tyler got his start one day because he was watching Oprah when she said that it was therapeutic to write things down. Because of this, he started writing down everything that had happened to him. However, he had changed the names of the characters to fictional names. He and Oprah are now close friends.

Who is ‘Madea’ based on in his real life?

‘Madea’ is really based on a portrayal of his real-life mother and one of his aunt’s. ‘Madea’ is actually a Southern Black contraction that means ‘Mother Dear.’

A Little More About Perry

Tyler Perry is not just a writer but an actor, producer, and director. He also has his own hit show on television now called, ‘House of Payne’ which started airing in 2006.

Hey huge ‘Madea’/Tyler Perry fans, did you know any of these facts about Tyler Perry?


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