A Few Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski was an American author. Some think he was the greatest American author there ever was. Although some people may think he wasn’t such a good writer and others say he was the best, here are a few life lessons we can all learn from him.


Charles Bukowski has been brutally honest in his novels and poetry. Most of his novels were literally autobiographies about his childhood and how bad he suffered at the hands of his parents. They are also about how he honestly hates certain authors and other people. The number one thing we can all learn from this man is to be honest with everyone. We should be honest even if it hurts someone because honesty is always the best policy to live by. Thanks Mr. Bukowski!


Another thing we should all take from Bukowski is to be persistent and to never give up on our dreams. He started getting published when he was young. However, he was also rejected several times. Then, later on down the road, he got stories, novels, and poetry published again and again. Keeping at it and being persistent is the key to being successful in life.


We all need to survive. Although Bukowski admitted he was an alcoholic, he pushed through and survived as long as he could. He worked countless jobs before he started making a living with writing. He always paid his child support on time and he just kept going. Then, he started selling his stories and finally made a living from being a writer. He was a survivor for as long as he could be. We need to push through the bad times and keep going strong no matter what happens to us!


We know what discipline is. We were disciplined when we were children. Well, we still need to be disciplined. We have to do this for ourselves in able to keep going in life. We can’t stop what we are doing because then we will never make it in life. Keep going! Push yourself and you will be successful!

Going by these few life lessons by Charles Bukowski will help us ensure ourselves we will make it through this life. Life doesn’t always have to be bad. Life can be good most of the time. Push yourself through the bad times and never give up on yourself or the people around you.


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