A Few Crazy and Fun Facts About the ‘Golden Girls’

We all loved these little old ladies! The Golden Girls truly were “The Golden Girls” weren’t they? You might have seen every episode thanks to reruns on cable and you might think you know everything there is to know about these funny little old ladies. However, there are some crazy and fun facts that you might not have known about them!

Stage Fright? Are you kidding me?

You would think since all four of the girls did play on the show and they did so good that they even convinced us that they really were a family, that none of them would be scared to be on stage, right?  Of course, they really were a family because they were so close. But, how could any of them really have stage fright when they acted so well? Well, Ms. Estelle Getty actually did have a case of stage fright. Yes, it is true! She actually said she felt like she was a fake compared to the other girls. Fellow actress, Rue McClanahan said that ‘Sophia’ would freeze up on camera a lot. Wow! Who would have thought, huh?

Hated Cheesecake? What???

Who could really hate this delicious dessert, right? Especially the ‘girls’ ya know? But, Bea Arthur, who played ‘Dorothy’, did hate cheesecake! What? Wow! But, that is what the ‘girls’ ate a lot of the time! Especially when one of them needed to talk or if one or more of them were feeling down. Who would have thought, huh? But, yeah, she hated it although she ate a ton of it on camera.

The Original Blanche

Did you know Betty White, who played ‘Rose’, was originally supposed to play ‘Blanche?’ The producers of the show thought she would be a perfect fit for the role since she did play a nymphomaniac on the ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show.’ However, they did change their minds, of course, and she ended up playing the lovable but naïve ‘Rose.’

Friendship Ended Once the Show was Over

After the show ended, the friendships of the ladies ended. Although ‘Blanche’ and ‘Rose’ were tight, ‘Blanche’ revealed the major dislike ‘Dorothy’ had for ‘Rose’ off-air. Because of this, the friendship sadly ended after the show stopped airing. How sad! They were so close on the show!

Did you know any off these crazy and fun facts about the ‘ladies?’ I didn’t and am a little shocked by some of them!




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