50 Years of Bewitched With Erin Murphy

50 years have passed since Samantha and Darrin moved to 1164 Morning Glory Circle and everybody remembers this like it was yesterday! I am not talking just about the fans, but also about Erin Murphy, who was just a small kid back then, playing the nose-twitching Tabitha from 1966 until 1872.

The actress hasn’t fallen prey to the blinding lights of Hollywood. As a matter of fact, besides Bewitched, she has appeared only in 3 movies until now. As she said, she wanted to focus her entire attention on her family, as well as on her career as a motivational speaker. However, she did say that she has only good memories from when she was on the set, doing the show.

Her favorite episode is Sisters at Heart, an episode which dealt with prejudice and which, eventually, won a special Governor’s Emmy Award. In that episode, little Tabitha wanted to be a sister of her black friend Lisa so she cast a spell. However, both of the girls end up polka-dotted, which eventually leads to all the situational comedy.

The funny thing is that this was the way Erin actually thought of that time, especially when it came to boys: if a boy was on the set shooting with her, she thought that he was her boyfriend for the day. The actress remembers her first “boyfriend”, a young actor who played Jack (from the Beanstalk story) and who was 5 years older than she was.

Erin Murphy remembers how he took her to lunch and paid with a check – she still remembers how cool it felt and how impressed she was when that happened.

However, being a child actor didn’t change her life as it has happened with other actors. Every friend she had knew that she appeared in Bewitched, but they were very nice about it. Even more, she wasn’t a celebrity for them, but the girl next-door.

She kindly talks about those old days, even if she knows that everything is way behind now. How else can she be when Bewitched has become such phenomenon? Erin Murphy now keeps in touch with the fans of the show every time she has the chance.

As a sort of news, I can say in the end that in 2013 there were plans of remaking the series. I really don’t know how that would work, but I can say that this is indeed the age of the remakes/reboots/sequels. Unfortunately, very few of these actually work when translated to our days.

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