5 Awesome Facts of Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is one amazing fellow, especially with the high-energy martial arts moves on Walker, Texas Ranger. While most people recognize Chuck Norris from his days as a Martial arts actor, he is an author as well. There are five other facts about him that will make your scratch your head. Some of his most famous movies include Way of the Dragon, Missing in Action, The Delta Force and The Expendables 2. His long career has been nothing short of brilliance and amazing. So let me whet your appetite with these two bonus facts of Mr. Norris. On March 28, 2007, Commandant General James T. Conway made him an honorary United States Marine. December 2, 2010 along with his brother, Texas governor Rick Perry bestowed upon them the honorary title of Texas Ranger.

Fast Facts 1-3 of Chuck Norris from Walker, Texas Ranger

One of the first facts is that Chuck Norris served in the United States Air Force. He began his climb shorty after serving. During this time, he appeared in the Way of the Dragon, which starred Bruce Lee. He appeared in Walker, Texas Ranger for eight years. The second fact is that Chuck Norris is a devout Christian. He has authored several books on Christianity. He has written a column for the WorldNet Daily website. The third fact that is pulled from the archive is that Norris was defeated in his first two tournaments, losing to Joe Lewis and Allen Steen.

Chuck Norris Fast Facts 4 and 5

Many know about the product endorsements and TV infomercials that promoted Total Gym. In 2010, he appeared in a T Mobile commercial in the Czech Republic and in 2012 in series of commercials for a Polish bank. While he may not be as active in movies, he does make a guest appearance from time to time. I hope some of these tidbits have encouraged you to dig a little deeper on your favorite star.

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