3-31-13 Is Coming…Who Will You Miss Most?

Now that Season 3 is approaching, I got to thinking of how many characters GRRM has killed off in the first two seasons and am in a period of so-called mourning, if you will.  Because I’ve been watching and re-watching both Seasons 1 and 2 incessantly, I’ve bonded with some characters and I see now that our beloved Mr. Martin doesn’t want us to get attached to anyone, not really.

The first character that I really miss is Ned Stark.  Of all the characters in the 7 Kingdoms, he was the one that was truly fit to rule.  Unfortunately, his sense of honor cost him his life and put his family in great jeopardy.  Ned realized that after Lord Varys pleaded with him to think about his daughter’s lives.  He then tried to recant, but it was too late.  The psycho/sadist boy-king, Joffrey, wouldn’t let that slide.  Ned, to me, is the touchstone of GOT and I am sorry we only got to see him for one season.

Another fallen Winterfellian is Maester Luwin.  He was like a father to the Stark children.  There are good Maesters and there are bad Maesters.  I don’t like Pycelle one bit!   He belongs with the Lannisters.  Maester Luwin was patient and caring.  He wasn’t self-serving or self-important.  His main concern was for the Starks.  More’s the pity he perished as well.

Jory Cassel was Captain of the Guards for House Stark; another faithful and loyal friend killed at the command of Jaime Lannister at King’s Landing.  His Uncle, Ser Roderick Cassel, Ned Stark’s Master-at-Arms, was killed by Theon Greyjoy at the fall of Winterfell.

The one thing I notice about all these from House Stark is an abiding sense of loyalty; something you’d be hard put to find in King’s Landing with the Lannisters.  Ironically, they all live: Joffrey, Cersei, Jamie, Tywin – all still kicking.  Where’s the justice, Mr. Martin?  I’m hoping we get to see some in Season 3.

Robert Baratheon was not a good King.  He was a great warrior, but he sucked at ruling.  All he wanted to do was get drunk, bed women and kill animals.  Oh, and he was very good at putting the kingdom in debt.  Having said that, there was something irresistible about him.  He could be very funny when not in his cups, and from time to time was able to make a good joke about himself; one that cracked me up was to his squire –  ”You heard the Hand, the King’s too fat for his armor.  Go find the breastplate stretcher – NOW!!!”  When Ned tells Robert he can’t play in the tourney, he blurts out, “Piss on that!  I want to hit somebody!”  Robert was a neanderthal.  He had no business on the Iron Throne, but I will miss his bawdy humor – a bit…

Robert’s brother, Renly, was a love and I will miss him for his humanity.  He was one of the good guys.  Do I think he could have ruled?  I do, but he would have needed very strong support on the Small Council because he was a bit squeamish when it came to the seamy side of things and would have needed someone to make the hard decisions.  Renly was sweet and kind.  It’s hard to believe he was Robert’s brother, but then again, we all know siblings that make us shake our head and say – really, how can they be related?  Yes, Renly is on my miss list!

And then there’s Khal Drogo who died of a flesh wound.  I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that a man who could pull out the throat of another with his bare hands could die this way.  You would think that Drogo would be impervious to Mirri Maz Duur’s spells, but alas, I guess these things are necessary to the plot.  I enjoyed the savage.  I loved the contrast between him and Daenerys; she so tiny and fair and he tall, dark and huge.  Khal Drogo was magnificent looking.  He was larger than life.  I was sorry to see him go as well.  The scene with him and Dany in the House of the Undying brought tears to my eyes.

Yes, George R.R. doesn’t want us get attached it would seem.  So let that be a warning to all of us going forward because we have no idea who he is going to whack next…just sayin’

I think I’m going to go and write my hit list now…until then…



  1. Robert Roth says:

    Tywin Lannister understood more about kingship, and acted more like a king, than anyone else in the Seven Kingdoms. He was great with money, utterly ruthless, politically astute, rational, famous for taking good care of those who served him well, and able to co-opt defeated enemies. Yes, he would have ruled by fear, but he would have brought order to chaos and put the Seven Kingdoms on a solid financial footing.

    • janeite1900 says:

      Glad to hear someone else who believes this! I don’t like Tywin. I wouldn’t want him for a father or friend. That doesn’t mean he would be a bad ruler. I’m afraid sometimes we need his kind of decision-making.

  2. tammy says:

    khal drogo

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