Facts You Never Really Notice in Trash and Bushwacked

Season 1 Episode 12: Trash

All right Kaylee is dangling for her life while reprogramming the garbage can cool spot in the episode right. Let us take a closer look. Check out the screen. It has a windows desktop on it.  This is at 21:41 on the time index.  Ok the time moves on and mal is on his way to the island. He lands and if you look in the sky, you can see a spacecraft moving from one side to the other on the screen. That is actually a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Finally, his crew leaves him on the island, and he has nothing on. As his crew walks away, you can just hear, Wash say, “Zoe, he’s Jewish!”

Season 1 Episode 2: Bushwhacked

Here is a good question. In episode two, Jayne has the chance to give you the location of Simon and his sister without mal knowing right. So why does not he tell them? The alliance could have protected him or even make it looks like they found them themselves. Is he that loyal to Mel or does he really like the two of them?

Now here is another. Where do the Alliance soldiers disappear to when the survivor attacks? There is several soldiers, plus Mal and the Alliance captain, who goes into the room. Then the survivor attacks, kills one or maybe two soldiers tops, and it is just him, the captain, and Mal. In addition, after that a solder helps the commander up. In addition, how did he get the drop on them? They are all facing in all directions and there is no place to hide. If you loved the show, you can follow us for more info and awesome behind the scene looks at FireFly. Do you have other facts? Share them with us.

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