How to Tell if You’re Like Blanche Devereaux

Watching The Golden Girls is a favorite pastime for many people, even it is means watching reruns. We can never quite get enough of them, especially Blanche. Blanche is a saucy older woman who not only is funny but has sex appeal at the same time. Every time you turn around, she is going out with a new man. Blanche definitely knows how to attract the men no matter how old they are. She likes them young and she likes them older too. Blanche is one-of-a-kind, that’s for sure.

Have you ever wondered if you ever had the same personality as Blanche? Well, now you can find out by reading the information to follow. Here are some ways to tell if you are like Blanche Devereaux.

Advice for Friends

If you are the one who your friends come to for the best dating advice ever because you know just what to tell them, you might be like Blanche. Blanche knows everything there is to know about dating and can give the best advice. So, if you know everything there is to know about the dating world, you might be like Blanche.

The ‘Come Hither’ Stare

Do you have a certain stare that tells that cute guy at the supermarket to ‘come hither?’ Blanche sure does. She can give a guy one single look that can make him melt and drop all the way to his knees. Once she gives a man this stare, they fall in love with her instantly. Do you have this about you? Can you bring a man to his knees with just one look? If so, you might be like Blanche Devereaux. Maybe you also have plenty of men knocking on your door just like she does!

Trying New Things

Are you always trying new things? Some people are too afraid to try something new but others live trying new things and make it a regular habit in their life. Maybe this is you? If it is, you are just like Blanche. Not too bad being like the older sex Goddess , is it?

You Never Look Bad

Even when you aren’t feeling your best, you still make sure you look good. If this is how you are then you are definitely just another Blanche. You always make sure you look good no matter what you are going through because you never know when you will meet a new man you might be interested in.

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