Y&R’s Catherine Bach’s Husband Suicide Heartbreak

Catherine Bach who plays Anita Lawson, (Chelsea mother) came to Genoa City  in February of 2012.  Bach, is best known for playing the sexy, sassy Daisy Duke on the CBS  TV show The Dukes of Hazzard from 1979 to 1985.  Sadly, Bach’s husband of 20 years took his own life in April 2010.  Peter Lopez was an entertainment lawyer. With one self inflicted gun shot, Bach found herself a single mother to two girls 11 and 14.

Bach bravely shared her experiences three years later with the Huffington Post.  Although she has not been able to completely figure out why he took his life, she does have a theory .  She told Huffington Post, “It was just in the New York Times Magazine Sunday supplement talking about unexplained suicides could be traced to childhood abuse. So that sort of made some sense to me about my husband. I think he had a great deal of abuse when he was a child that he never really got over. So that sort of put something to bed in me. That made me a little bit calmer so that I could understand how somebody so successful, so smart, so popular, so untouched by addiction could possibly have this happen.”

Bach detailed the last morning with her husband to the Huffington Post, “This particular morning, I was making breakfast, and I was racing around the kitchen like a crazy woman and he came and stood behind me at the stove, and he said, “Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?” And I said, “No, I think I’ve got everything in line here.” And he said, “Honey, you’re forgetting something.” And I said, “Oh my gosh, yes I am.” So I dropped everything and I turned around and I went into his arms and wrapped myself around him and I gave him a big kiss, and we looked at each other in the eyes and I said, “I love you.” We did that every single day that we were together if he wasn’t traveling or out of town. We did that from the day we got married because we thought that was a powerful affirmation of our feelings and what was important. Right after I said I love you, I said, “Honey, can you drive the kids to school today because I’m never going to make my meetings.” So, he said, “Sure, I’ll drive them.” Sadly, when he returned home from taking the girls to school, he wen out on their property and shot himself.

Bach shared her advice on how to deal with such a loss by saying, ” I have to say that there’s just certain things that people have to pay attention to and that’s pray a lot, go to church a lot, get therapy, be with your friends, read about it and really, really take care of yourself. [For] people who have a friend who this happens to, I would just say, with any loss, it doesn’t have to be suicide, just be there as a shoulder for that person to lean on. I can’t tell you how many of my friends and my busy friends — everybody’s busy with their lives — would drop everything when I called or were here bringing me something to eat or whatever, coming by. It’s the most important thing.”

If you would like to read the whole interview, click here to be redirected to  The Huffington Post.   This is a heartbreaking story for their family and it was brave of her to share her experiences and can perhaps help other families dealing with similar despair!  Y&R Kristoff St John also tragically lost his son to suicide recently.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to both of these families.

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